No Coding Needed – This Tool Can Create an Automated Trading Strategy Using Plain English

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In its present state, trading in cryptocurrencies is a risky venture for speculators who seek to profit by taking advantage of price movements and constant swings within the marketplace.

The market moves very fast, almost too fast sometimes, and one needs to be able to capitalize on opportunities with haste or being ready 24/7 to make your move.

The While there needs to be significant movement in the market in other for profit-making opportunities to show up, these fast movements and huge swings make it very difficult to mainstream traders to consistently find opportunities to make a profit.

A market for automated systems

Cryptocurrencies are traded in real-time, and the market flows round the clock 24/7. These characteristics have encouraged the creation of bots, which are basically computer algorithms that can feed of market data, carry out analysis and either prompt users to place trades or engage the market independently. Independent bots are designed to execute trades even when the account owners are physically absent from their computers.

Bots vary in quality, usability and profitability. It all depends on the applied indicators and the peculiarity of commands issued by their creators. However, in the end, every bot is supposed to represent the idea of its creator by executing a preconceived trading strategy. Predominantly, bots have remained the exclusive reserve of coders and developers who are vast with the knowledge of writing recognizable instructions that are compatible with trading platforms and exchanges. These coders translate their own strategies or those of whoever they represent into machine executable languages.

Automation without coding

This paradigm is changing quickly with the innovation by Capitalise which enables regular individuals with no coding skill whatsoever to create their own executable bots that are compatible with trading platforms. In essence, as long as it is possible to write down a given strategy in plain text English language, a consequent bot is around the corner.

On the Capitalise platform, users simply type in plain English what they want an algorithm to do, and the tool translates it into a real live and working algorithm that can be connected on an exchange (like Binance) and operate as configured. This procedure enables users to overcome most of the fundamental challenges that they face in their trading endeavors, while presenting them with several benefits.

A popular reason why people lose money while trading the markets is because of the natural emotional interference. As human beings, fear and greed may lead to impulsive behaviors, causing traders to deviate from their originally well thought out plans. By transferring the responsibility of execution to bots, trading exercises are bound to remain consistent, making for measurable performances.

Besides, for a market that never sleeps, running on bots and automated strategies that are prepared by you ensures that opportunities are not missed as already mentioned above.

A simple example is illustrated in the steps below as applicable on the current beta platform:

Step 1:

Step 2:

Democratized opportunities

The implication of this creation by Capitalise involves the proper democratization of the trading ecosystem. Before now, access to bots depended on traders’ relationship with coders whether business or otherwise. Not everyone may have such access or funds to purchase their preferred bots. With capitalise, users do not just have access to bots, but they can actually bring their own customized strategies to life. This covers for expert technical traders who may have no coding skills and insulates against the deficiency incurred when ideas may be lost in transmission while contracting a coder.

Strategies created on Capitalise can be integrated into 3rd party platforms via API. This represents some good business opportunities for trading experts who can rent out their created bots in a social model style and make money. The company is trying to build a dedicated and loyal community of traders via it’s Telegram channel.

Apparently, Capitalise is simplifying the trading exercise to a basic format where the chaos and complexities perceived in the existing market are neutralized. Traders can be confident in the implementation of their own original strategies.

At the same time, the deficient human emotional interference can be easily eliminated while taking advantage of the round-the-clock opportunities available in the markets.