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nitrogen sportsNitrogen Sports is dedicated to its international userbase and offers the plethora of features that newcomers need and pros want. Sports betting is the most popular way for dedicated fans to make some extra side money. As many sports gamblers will tell you, there is nothing more satisfying than winning along with your favorite team or athlete. The pursuit of this thrill has gripped individuals and organizations around the world for ages. Freedom of money includes the freedom to wager it: This is a core part of Bitcoin’s promise. Nitrogen Sports stands strong against a backdrop of negative press surrounding the industry and shows-by-doing the friction-reducing powers of Bitcoin.


When you visit the site, a unique Bitcoin address is generated for your use. Nitrogen Sports then encourages you to setup an account username and password as well as 2-factor authentication. Nitrogen Sports “is a Bitcoin Sportsbook that is changing the way the world bets on sports.” Regular sports betting methods around the world might involve legal issues or sketchy brick and mortar institutions: Nitrogen Sports is bringing gambling into the Internet (Bitcoin) age. While some new Bitcoin services are working on decentralized and distributed exchange networks that would theoretically enable trust-less p2p gambling, the majority of the world still values a clean user experience and an established reputation. Nitrogen Sports’ dedication to providing anonymous, secure sports betting at the best odds is nothing short of commendable.

Nitrogen Sports offers ultra-secure, anonymous accounts with no personal information needed. They offer instant deposits and withdrawals, as Bitcoin enables, and cover all kinds of sports: Everything from e-sports like Starcraft to the precise art of darts. Nitrogen Sports is dedicated to staying competitive by offering the “king” in competitive odds along with fun promotions. Promotions include tournament specific events as well as a monthly Parlay Promotion. The options at their site are endless for any type of sports enthusiast. To top it all off, they offer a built-in support and chat system that lets you interact with both staff and other bettors in real-time.

Currently At Nitrogen Sports

Nitrogen Sports is proud to be the only Bitcoin sportsbook to offer betting on e-sports. As most e-sports fans already know, the DOTA 2 ‘The International’ tournament is ongoing until 7/21/14. The bleeding edges of gaming and gambling are joined together exclusively by Nitrogen Sports. As a new standard in the growing industry, Nitrogen Sports has committed to grading and paying out bets on The International matches before the next set of matches occurs.

To promote the site and other events, Nitrogen Sports is currently regularly holding ongoing trivia contests in their world-class chat.

Just as with their regular sportsbooks, the payouts from trivia sessions are paid out promptly. Make sure to participate in all of Nitrogen Sports’ events for a chance to win monthly prizes. Head on over to Nitrogen Sports today for all of your anonymous sports betting, made possible with Bitcoin.