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Ninja Throws Major Shade at Twitch Just Days Before TwitchCon 2019

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:03 PM
Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:03 PM

Former Twitch streamer Ninja throws some major shade at his old platform just days before TwitchCon 2019, one of the biggest dates on the streaming calendar. In a stream with another popular gaming streamer, TimTheTatman, Ninja made a joke about one of the biggest controversies in Twitch history.

In a stream with TimTheTatman, Mixer streamer Ninja was asked if he had any plans to release new merch. Ninja had a hilarious response ready and after giggling to himself, he said that his new shirt would “have a picture of a cat being thrown over and then a picture of a cat spitting out what appears to be water and it’s going to say TwitchCon 2019.” The response also got a laugh from TimTheTatman who was part of a Fortnite squad with Ninja at the time.


Ninja’s joke about TwitchCon 2019 merch is about the Alinity animal abuse controversy. Twitch streamer Alinity was accused of animal abuse after being seen throwing  her cat over her head and tricking it into drinking vodka. Unhappy Twitch users created a petition calling for Alinity to be banned from Twitch which got thousands of signatures but despite this, as well as support for an Alinity ban from animal rights organization PETA, Twitch chose not to ban the streamer.

Ninja, like so many other people, isn’t happy about Twitch’s decision to let Alinity keep streaming. The company’s failure to moderate content, which also saw Twitch show porn on Ninja’s old channel, has been a huge debate in the streaming industry. Twitch’s failures are likely to be the talk of TwitchCon 2019 as Twitch users, from fans of Ninja to those unhappy with the Alinity issue call for Twitch to change.