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Forget the Dr Disrespect Ban: Ninja, xQc and Alinity Deliver Twitter Drama

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
Jasmine Henry
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:02 PM
  • Ninja, Alinity, and more popular streamers get into a war of words over Twitter.
  • It began after controversial Twitch streamer xQc accused top, fundraising streamers of being paid to work with charities.
  • When Alinity got involved, Ninja brought up the controversial clip of the streamer throwing her cat over her head.

Some of streaming’s biggest stars found themselves involved in a petty Twitter drama today, confirming that the rich and famous really have nothing better to do with their time. It also turned up the heat in the long-simmering feud between Ninja and Alinity.

xQc Ninja Twitter feud tweet
  The feud began when xQc accused streamers of being paid by charities to host fundraising streams. Source: Twitter 

It all started when Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro xQc accused other streamers of being paid to do streaming fundraisers. In a June 29 stream, xQc that “most charities” pay streamers to do this. These comments can be seen in a Twitch clip from the stream .

xQc Accused Streamers of Being Paid by Charities

DrLupo, a Twitch streamer whose charity fundraisers have broken records , felt the need to set the story straight. In a discussion of xQc’s comments on Reddit, some users had accused DrLupo of being one of those who allegedly takes money from charities.

On Twitter, DrLupo clarified that he has “never been paid” to raise money for charity. This prompted Jessica Blevins, Ninja’s wife and manager, to jump in, saying that xQc “always has some trash to say.” xQc then tried to defend himself and said that it was “rich coming from you of all people”.

Ninja Jessica xQc tweet
  Ninja defended his wife and her fundraising efforts. Source: Twitter 

Next into the ring was Ninja, who defended his wife and pointed out their own fundraising efforts. It should be noted that Ninja and Jessica Blevins donated $150,000 to a hunger-relief charity in March 2020.

The fight wasn’t over there though as Slasher, an esports journalist, suggested that xQc and Ninja compete against each other in a charity match. Alinity said that Ninja would easily lose and called it an “easy bet” against him.

Ninja and Alinity Feud Heats Up

Ninja brought up the infamous clip of Alinity throwing her cat over her head, prompting her to bite back, calling Ninja the “most toxic person in gaming”.

Alinity Ninja tweet
  Ninja joked about Alinity throwing her cat over her head. Source: Twitter 

The Alinity and Ninja feud isn’t new and Ninja has been roasting her over her treatment of animals since the clip went viral last year. Just days before TwitchCon 2019, Ninja threw major shade at Twitch over its decision not to ban Alinity from the site. It’s not surprising that Alinity feels so strongly about his comments.

This Twitter drama is drama on a social media site that any of these well-known people can log-out from. It’s embarrassing and entertaining in equal measure and looking at the likes and retweets on each post, fans are loving every minute of it.