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Nike’s Surprise Crypto Play Could Steal Facebook’s Thunder

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Francois Aure
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: In one of the most exciting cryptocurrency developments of the year, clothing behemoth Nike looks poised to dive into the world of crypto. Perhaps buoyed by the strong performance of Bitcoin, the athletic apparel manufacturer filed a trademark to create a digital currency called “CryptoKicks.”

Will Nike beat Facebook’s coin to market and steal a bit of thunder from Mark Zuckerberg?

CryptoKicks – Not Just Another Nike SLogan

For blockchain purists, the most compelling aspect of this filing is that CryptoKicks is more than just a new shoe model. Nike appears to be gearing up to launch an actual digital currency.

With the Bitcoin price back above $5,000, blockchain  interest is once again soaring. CryptoKicks isn’t merely cashing in on fanboy enthusiasm as the following piece of the application demonstrates:

“Financial services, namely, providing a digital currency or digital token for use by members of an online community via a global computer network; facilitation of financial transactions using unconventional currency systems and bartering, namely.”

Naturally, there is going to be some use of this trademark for more frivolous means. Nike’s ambition appears to be to build an online brand around this name, with all manner of games, collectibles, and ways to reward loyal fans.

“Provision of online blogs in the field of crypto-collectibles; entertainment services, namely, providing an online computer games… curated scavenger hunts, obstacle courses or treasure hunts; entertainment services, namely, providing interactive online mobile gaming applications; providing information on-line relating to crypto-collectible customization for hobby or entertainment purposes”

Nike’s Cryptocurrency Has Guaranteed Demand, Facebook’s Does Not

Facebook cryptocurrency
Facebook’s crypto project could be outshined by a surprising challenge from Nike. | Source: Shutterstock

Facebook’s proposed token has been attracting a lot of attention, but Nike’s CryptoKicks will probably garner even more.

The world has many crazed collectors of rare shoes – imagine if you have to purchase them in CKs? It would force demand into the token. It’s easy to see tremendous upside for Nike as the community is guaranteed to be there. Facebook lost the support of digital currency users the moment the privacy issues become public; a cryptocurrency token is unlikely to win them back.

When filing a trademark, you tend to cast a wide net to ensure you don’t get blindsided. Assuming Nike’s plans are as ambitious as they appear, this has all the makings of a genius move. They know they can force guys like DJ Khaled to dump thousands of dollars into CryptoKicks to buy rare collectibles.

Bitcoin’s Recent Gains Have Restored Corporate Confidence In Crypto

The stability of Bitcoin has made projects like Nike’s CryptoKicks more viable, as the extended period of low volatility that preceded the most recent bull run increased confidence that the risk of collapse has receded.

If Nike’s digital token is a success, we could ultimately be witnessing the birth of the future of brand interaction, particularly in fashion and sports apparel.

CCN.com reached out to Nike for comment but had not heard back by press time.