Nic Cary Teases Upcoming Blockchain iOS App

June 18, 2014 23:30 UTC
Sneak peak at Blockchain’s new iPhone app

Good news, iPhone owners! Now that Apple has revised its App Store Review Guidelines to allow apps that “facilitate transmission of approved virtual currencies,” more and more bitcoin wallets are popping up on the App Store. CoinJar was the first app to reemerge and just recently, the open source Coin Pocket was approved for App Store distribution. But it’s not going to stop there. A brand new, iOS 7-style Blockchain app is being developed and could be released very soon. A few hours ago, Blockchain’s CEO posted this tweet with a screenshot of the new app:


The Bumpy Road to the App Store

This isn’t the first time Blockchain has teased a new iPhone app. Back in February, the company launched (now offline for some reason), which featured nothing more than this image and a somewhat cryptic tweet:

What could it mean?

However, a few days later, Apple removed the Blockchain app from the App Store “due to an unresolved issue,” as Apple worded it, leaving the App Store completely devoid of any cryptocurrency wallets. Since then, for Blockchain’s iOS users such as myself, the only options have been to use the webapp (which barely works), or to get the Blockchain app from Cydia by jailbreaing the device.

But about a month later in March, Apple released updated app submission guidelines, re-allowing bitcoin-transmitting apps. Apple has never been clear about why it wasn’t allowing wallets in the past but now is, leading to a lot of speculation from the community. Some believe that Apple was waiting for definitive statements on the legality of cryptocurrency before allowing cryptocurrency-transmitting apps on the App Store. Another theory is that high-profile companies like Dish Network accepting bitcoin gave the cryptocurrency more credibility from Apple’s point of view. Regardless of Apple’s rationale, it looks like bitcoin wallets are here to stay on the App Store, and Blockchain’s app is sure to be approved.

New Features

The two images in this article are the only known screenshots of Blockchain’s new app. And as many Bitcoiners know, Nic Cary loves teasers, so there’s very little information known about the upcoming app. However, just from those two screenshots, it’s obvious that the UI has been reworked to fit iOS 7’s visual style.

This is what the old app looks like.

But other than these superficial changes, it doesn’t look like there are any new features, and the community has noticed

Community Reaction

The overall reaction on reddit and twitter has been positive, though many users are clamouring for new features.

“Please! Add the “cold storage” feature that MyCelium uses.

I’d love to be able to walk around with an empty wallet app and a QR code of my BIP38 encrypted private key. Scan it, type a password, send a few coin and the key is wiped from the phone immediately. It’s the most secure you can get with a mobile device.”

-tigereyeTO on reddit

However, it looks like Nic Cary and the rest of the Blockchain team are holding off on implementing new features until the app is actually approved.

we [sic] working on getting approval first before investing a lot of time or money again.”

-Nic Cary

Hopefully the app does get approved, and there’s really no reason to believe it won’t. It’s safe to assume that more and more wallets will be available on the App Store and that Blockchain has some interesting new features planned for its users.

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