NHCT: Healthcare on Blockchain’s Initial Token Generation Event is in Progress

October 9, 2018 09:34 UTC

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Growing at a rate of $300 billion USD per annum, the global healthcare expenditure is estimated to reach $8.7 trillion by the turn of the next decade. Medical and technological advancement is allowing people to live healthier lives.

NHCT: Tackling Current Issues

The NanoHealthCareToken is a blockchain platform that is aimed towards rooting out the inefficiencies in existing healthcare systems in order to provide better health services. The NHCT system tackles:

  • Fragmentation: Data and records are stored in silos, meaning critical information is not available on time to a hospital or medical professional since it is stored in another location.
  • Data Security: Currently, data storage is centralized and prone to hacks and data leaks. Though not widely known, medical data is even more valuable on the black market than credit card data.
  • Integrating Health and Wellness Data: Concentrating more on individual diseases, patient data often does not account for other wellness activities. A checkup at a doctor is just a snapshot of current health, neglecting factors such as daily activities like exercising or walking.
  • Cost: With increased intermediaries, the cost of healthcare is rising and it’s the end patient that ultimately has to pay.

Nagarjuna Vangala, CTO of NHCT said, “Blockchain is a natural fit for what we are trying to achieve at NHCT. Its inherent security & decentralization is perfect for correcting what ails the healthcare of today. The idea is to give the control of data back to where it belongs: to the users.”

Using blockchain and leveraging its efficient and fast nature, NHCT ensures that a holistic patient record is developed with continuous observation of physical activities through its Android and iOS mobile app.


NHCT has launched its token generation event on the 1st of October. The event is a two-phase process, with its initial phase in progress. There are a total of one billion ERC20-compliant NHCT tokens available, with 350 million dedicated for the token distribution event. During the initial phase, the base rate for investors is USD 0.032 = 1 NHCT, but a 35% bonus is valid until 15th October. After that a reduced bonus of 25% is available until 31st October.

The event carries a soft cap of $1 million and a hard cap of $9 million. The event carries unique guaranteed capital protection, where large investors ($100,000 and above) are offered equity backing to assure the safety of their investment.

About NHCT

NHCT was the winner of the HULT prize in 2014 and was granted $1 million in seed funding. Ever since, the team has been working on a platform that will provide a global healthcare system that is proactive, rather than reactive, and which can deliver unprecedented service to people all around the world.

The platform has already helped 75,000 people with a well-coordinated program through their health coaches, who are trained medical personnel and an important part of the NHCT ecosystem. They not only provide healthcare, but also authenticate medical data to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

For more information on the healthcare platform, visit their website.