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December 22, 2013 11:12 PM UTC

Nextcoin Spiking

Earlier in the year, I had a conversation with my father-in-law, Greg, about the merits of Bitcoin and the investment possibility.  At the time Bitcoin was trading around $70.  The push over $1000 and resulting media attention was the push into the world of Bitcoin for him.  An astute handicapper, he asked me for a way to follow the price of Bitcoin.  Like anyone knowledgeable about the space, Coin Marketcap serves the purpose very well.

A few nights ago, Greg pointed out to me another coin- Nextcoin (NXT).  He asked me if I knew anything about the coin.  We have established a position on his call.  I have spent a couple of days studying Nextcoin as an investment.  Yesterday, the price really started to head higher and today went down due to an influx of traffic.

I reached out to two people involved with Nextcoin about an interview, and each graciously declined because of how busy they are with Nextcoin.    Adding all of these things together, it looks like the new guy has some skills.


-The Crypto Analyst

Paul Carrozzo @USDBTC

Digital currency will do to finance what the microscope did for science. The 2008 financial crisis undeniably created an environment for digital currency to be born. These new currencies offer us a better commerce solution and establish markets never before possible. Merchant acceptance is vital to overall success of the new paradigm. My goal is educate about the merits of this life changing technology.

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