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Elon Musk Gifts Blue Checkmark to Thousands of X Accounts: Confused Users Ask Why?

Last Updated April 4, 2024 5:49 PM
James Morales
Last Updated April 4, 2024 5:49 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Last week, Elon Musk said X accounts with over 2,500 verified subscribers would be awarded free Premium features.
  • Although some users were happy to receive the gift, others expressed frustration.
  • After receiving X Premium without being asked, some people are angry that their profiles now display a blue checkmark

Thousands of X profiles have received blue checkmarks despite not paying for the platform’s premium service.

While some users are happy to get verified status for free courtesy of Elon Musk, others are frustrated that they weren’t asked.

Elon Musk Dishes Out Free X Premium

In a post last week, X owner Elon Musk said the platform would award free Premium features to all accounts with over 2,500 verified subscriber followers and free Premium+ to accounts with over 5,000.

The 2 normally paid-for subscription services give X accounts an algorithmic visibility boost. They also grant access to additional customization option, analytics tools and more. 

However, one feature of X Premium that some users aren’t happy to have forced upon them is the platform’s blue tick.

Users Frustrated by Unsolicited Blue Checkmark

Sharing their experience, Journalist Shea Serrano expressed frustration that they hadn’t been asked before X added the blue tick to their profile. He complained that there was no way to remove it.

Serrano eventually found a workaround by adding an otter emoji to the end of his X handle, which has the effect of removing the blue tick.

Musk Called Out For Marketing Ploy


Some of the X users who were most incensed by having the blue tick forced upon them are those who use the platform anonymously.

“Thanks but NO THANKS, Elon,” an account named trading axe posted. 


Comparing the tactic to the way Balenciaga gives celebrities free clothing, the self-described decentralized maximalist lamented being “forced to spread the message of verified identification,” against their will.

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