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Anthropic Launches Claude ChatBot in Europe – How Will it Fare Under EU’s Tighter Regulations?

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Giuseppe Ciccomascolo
Last Updated 2 days ago

Key Takeaways

  • Amazon-backed AI company Anthropic launched its chatbot assistant Claude in Europe.
  • Anthropic leverages Amazon and Google’s cloud services to navigate Europe’s strict data regulations, emphasizing their security measures.
  • While Anthropic’s top model complies with the EU AI Act, some implementation details remain unclear.

The race for dominance in artificial intelligence (AI) heats up as Anthropic, the rising star backed by Amazon, unleashes its powerful AI assistant, Claude , on the European market. This strategic launch pits Claude against established players like OpenAI‘s ChatGPT and homegrown European contenders.

But beyond the battle for market share lies a more complex challenge: navigating Europe’s stringent data regulations and the recently passed AI Act.

Anthropic Launches ChatGPT Rival In Europe

Anthropic, the AI startup backed by Amazon, announced  on Monday the launch of its generative AI assistant, Claude, in Europe. Claude will be accessible to individuals and businesses via the web and an iPhone app.

For users seeking access to all models, including Claude 3 Opus, Anthropic’s most advanced offering, a paid subscription-based version called Claude Pro will be available. In addition, Anthropic is introducing Claude Team subscription plans tailored for businesses, priced at €28 ($30) per month before VAT.

Dario Amodei, CEO and co-founder at Anthropic, emphasized the company’s commitment to accuracy, security, and privacy. With an eye on expanding its user base and revenue streams, Anthropic aims to capitalize on its existing traction in finance and hospitality across Europe.

Amodei said that Anthropic’s cloud-computing partners, including Amazon.com and Alphabet’s Google, will be pivotal in navigating Europe’s stringent data usage regulations. “Our cloud providers are renowned for their robust security measures,” Amodei stated  in an interview with Bloomberg News. “This positions us well in terms of data security and privacy compliance.”

While Claude.ai is currently available for free on web and mobile platforms in the UK, it is debuting in the EU and non-EU countries such as Norway, Switzerland, and Iceland.

Claude.AI’s Fate Under EU AI Regulation

Anthropic is introducing competitively priced plans in Europe. This sets the stage for competition with players like OpenAI, already established in the EU, and local contenders such as Mistral, a French AI model developer formed last year.

Navigating the European landscape also means grappling with stricter regulations. The EU’s recent adoption of the AI Act, the most comprehensive legislation addressing the tech sector, presents challenges for companies like Anthropic. While slightly diluted from earlier versions, the AI Act mandates cybersecurity measures and demands transparency regarding AI model design and potential risks. Additionally, large AI systems face additional scrutiny.

Stanford University research
A team of Stanford researchers reviewed large language model providers like Meta, Anthropic, Stability AI, OpenAI, Google & others for their compliance with the EU AI Act. l Source: Stanford University

Anthropic’s top-tier model complies with these regulations. But the company awaits clarity on how EU regulators will implement and enforce these rules. “We are going to find out how they implement it,” remarked  Jack Clark, Anthropic’s co-founder and policy chief.

While Google introduced its Gemini app in various countries earlier this year, it has yet to launch in the EU. OpenAI‘s ChatGPT has faced privacy complaints in Europe, adding another layer of complexity.

The EU Parliament’s passage of the AI Act  this year marks a significant milestone. The act establishes regulatory guidelines based on AI risk levels, categorized as low, medium, high, and unacceptable.

Legal Issues Also In The UK

Anthropic has swiftly emerged as one of the industry’s most talked-about and eagerly watched generative AI companies. Investors have shown strong confidence in the firm, with its valuation reaching an impressive $18.4 billion as recently as March. Notably, Amazon’s substantial $2.75 billion investment in the startup that month brought its total investment in Anthropic to $4 billion.

However, Amazon’s significant investment has raised eyebrows among regulators who are concerned about its potential impact on Anthropic’s independence. In the UK, regulators scrutinized  whether Amazon’s investment and collaboration with Anthropic. The same happened to similar partnerships forged by Microsoft with generative AI firms. For UK regulators, these could be construed as de facto mergers, potentially reducing market competition.

Amazon contends that its involvement with Anthropic constitutes a limited corporate investment rather than a merger. Similarly, Microsoft rebuffs claims that its engagements with AI startups like OpenAI and Mistral, as well as talent acquisitions from Inflection, equate to mergers.

“As a Public Benefit Corporation, Anthropic sees conducting safety research – and ensuring the security of its models and other sensitive artifacts – as important aspects of our mission to develop reliable, interpretable, and steerable systems in a safe and responsible manner,” the company said .

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