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Brian Armstrong Confirms Coinbase App Broken, Promises Fixes

Published August 14, 2023 4:27 PM
Teuta Franjkovic
Published August 14, 2023 4:27 PM
Key Takeaways
  • Coinbase CEO aims to enhance app experience, especially for NFTs
  • Base network’s Onchain Summer features NFTs from various companies
  • Armstrong seeks user feedback for app improvements, pledging swift updates in two weeks
  • Coca-Cola has unveiled a brand-new NFT collection dubbed “Masterpiece” on Base

The emergence of on-chain operations on Coinbase’s new layer-2 network Base, according to CEO Brian Armstrong, has revealed how “broken” the Coinbase app is for user experience and he has vowed to fix it.

Armstrong stated  that several Coinbase’s issues had come to light during “Onchain Summer ,” a multi-week festival of product launches, marketing activations, and non-fungible token releases on Base that started on August 9 and runs through August 31.

In order to prioritize the most pressing questions, the CEO invited customers to provide comments in response to the thread on  X (ex-Twitter). He also said that in the coming two weeks, there will be frequent updates on the greatest pain issues.

Demanding a Credit Card On-Ramp

The request  by Friendtech developer Racer for a rapid settlement credit card on-ramp to Coinbase without requiring users to create a separate account received the most likes at the time of publication.

Armstrong then made a request  to address an ongoing flaw that prevented users from using Coinbases’ mobile wallet with Google Chrome, stating that the bug has proved more tenacious than anticipated.

Wider User Experience Struggles in the Crypto Industry

A persistent flaw was also mentioned as another urgent concern. When connecting Coinbase’s mobile wallet with the Chrome browser, users reported difficulties but Armstrong notified  customers that they are aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.

The difficulties Coinbase is dealing with are not unusual. User experience (UX) has historically been a difficult area for many businesses in the crypto industry. Many people are aware of the need to give this priority because of its significance in promoting user trust and facilitating wider adoption.

The importance of ongoing adaptation in the quickly evolving world of cryptocurrencies is highlighted by recent discoveries about Coinbase and the Armstrong’s proactive attitude.

Coca-Cola Introduces NFTs on Base

Base has been one of the top Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) networks for NFT transfers in the week or so since its inception.

As of August 14, Base’s daily active users  on the Base L2 network were steady at over 100,000, making it the third most popular EVM by transfer volume.

Dune records  show that users of Base have already transferred more than $200 million in token value.

The biggest soft drink company in the world, Coca-Cola, announced  it is expanding its exploration of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) by introducing a collection on the Coinbase Base network.

Coca-Cola, therefore, launched  their Global Masterpiece campaign with famous pieces created by well-known artists.

According to the company , the Masterpiece series combines “iconic artworks” with fresh creations from up-and-coming artists, “all intertwined with the iconic Coca-Cola bottle.”

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