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BitBoy Ben Armstrong Legal Fee Woes: Community Spots $350K Rolex

Published September 20, 2023 2:42 PM
Teuta Franjkovic
Published September 20, 2023 2:42 PM

Key Takeaways

  • Ex-BitBoy, Ben Armstrong, has begged for donations to a legal fund in an effort to reclaim his brand.
  • Armstrong claims that his dismissal was unfair.
  • He said that, in recent weeks, his ‘life has been on the line’.

In a new tweet, former leader of the BitBoy Crypto empire, Ben Armstrong, has begged for donations  for a legal fund to attempt to get his brand back and flashing his $350,000 worth Rolex at the same time, claiming that, recently, his ‘life has been on the line’.

Armstrong sued X (then Twitter) user Erling Mengshoel last year for libel and then mocked him for asking for contributions to defend the court battle. Despite promoting dubious crypto projects and joke coins, Armstrong’s BitBoy Crypto channel has amassed a substantial following over the years.

Armstrong’s appeal has received harsh criticism, with an observer pointing out  that he was shown wearing a Rolex watch in a video that accompanied his decision to turn away from BitBoy Crypto.

Engaging in Cryptocurrency Battles

Armstrong stated that his former employer, Hit Media, had terminated his employment in August due to his “relapse into substance abuse” and the “emotional, physical, and financial damage he had inflicted on the employees of Hit Network and the Bitboy Crypto community.

Since then, Armstrong has characterized his removal as a coup and has accused the two new leaders, presenter Justin Williams and Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd, of stealing both his money and his brand.

Consequently, Armstrong has publicly distanced himself from the BitBoy Crypto brand while also requesting funds to regain ownership. Armstrong mentioned facing imminent danger in an X-rated video before making this unusual request :

Armstrong promised to expose everything on his new channel, “Ben Armstrong Crypto (just what the world needs)”, but only provided a sneak peek in an X thread that appeared after the video:

Armstrong outlined the legal scuffle in the thread and promised that “The truth will come out.”

X Flooded With Schadenfreude

The crypto community’s response to a scammer seeking funds while pledging to enrich others through his guidance was precisely as anticipated:

Mengshoel, who reminded him of how the former BitBoy Crypto host had treated him, was one of those who took the most joy in Armstrong’s fall from grace:

Raising $200K?

According to reports , Armstrong was able to organize his supporters and raise an incredible $200K for his legal defence fund.

Armstrong’s plea for help came after claiming death threats and alleged theft by Hit Network co-founders. His community swiftly rallied, raising a significant amount in a short time, showcasing their strong support and belief in him.

Many in the cryptocurrency community are keen to see how the funds obtained will be used and whether they will lead to a resolution of the escalating conflict as they closely follow the saga’s development.

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