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BitBoy Ben Armstrong Legal Campaign Donations Slammed by Max Keiser

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Last Updated September 22, 2023 2:14 PM
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Key Takeaways

  • American broadcaster and filmmaker Max Keiser voiced his criticism of crypto influencer Ben Armstrong.
  • Keiser advised Armstrong to attend a ‘Shitcoiners Anonymous’ meeting and promptly cease his involvement with cryptocurrencies.
  • Armstrong has appealed to his supporters, seeking donations to secure financial resources for his legal defense.

Max Keiser, an American broadcaster and Bitcoin advocate, criticized Ben Armstrong, a crypto influencer.

Keiser emphasised  the possible harm that Armstrong’s marketing of shitcoins could do by comparing them to addictive and dangerous narcotics.

Bitcoin evangelist and the advisor to El Salvador’s president Nayib Bukele, went on to explain that Armstrong first has to read the White Paper and “get right with Satoshi”.

Even though Keiser has been predicting  the Bitcoin price to achieve 100x growth, recently he stated  that rising rates will continue to challenge the Bitcoin price as more capital flows into high-yielding instruments.

Keiser here made a statement that seemed bearish, which is out of character for a fervent proponent of BTC maximalism. This abrupt turn-around runs counter to his earlier forecasts of Bitcoin’s price growth to ranges between $220,000 and $1 million. Many of his supporters look perplexed by this about-face as they try to make sense of his incoherent remarks.

Donations in BTC, ETH, and ADA

Armstrong sought donations for his legal defense, receiving significant support from the crypto community shortly after. Donations started to flood in. Armstrong’s mission was enthusiastically supported by backers, who generously donated sums in several cryptocurrencies. At the time of writing, donations made in Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Cardano (ADA) amounted to more than $80,000 .

  • Ethereum Donations: Armstrong’s Ethereum address (0xa6079bC88540cC9360D3c8D6f9cE583cdC3dC6) received a total of 32 ETH, worth $53,843.44.
  • Bitcoin contributions: At the time of writing, donations to Armstrong’s Bitcoin address stood at $227.50.
  • Cardano Donations: Cardano’s support for Armstrong’s campaign underscores the importance of community solidarity in challenging times, despite the unverifiable trackability of ADA donations.

Armstrong has been having difficulties ever since the Hit Network, a business he helped start, removed his YouTube channel and other social media accounts following allegations of drug usage and extramarital affairs. The crypto influencer, unable to use the BitBoy name, has decided to be called just – Ben.

Armstrong solicited donations at three different addresses: a Bitcoin address, a Cardano address, and an Ethereum address. He claimed to be in need. The greatest donation to yet looks to be approximately 11,000 USDT from an unidentified source.

“The fact is I was under duress, I’ve been under duress.” Armstrong said  in the latest livestream, “like, when people see what they did to me with this Lamborghini, trying to bleed me out, that’s what they’re trying to do.”

Hit Network took possession of Armstrong’s Lamborghini Huracan Performante because it was registered in their name.

The influencer explicitly stated that he would not return the funds he is collecting as a “legal fund” to the donors.

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