Newegg Makes a Crypto Omelette With Eggcoin

April 1, 2015 13:09 UTC

Newegg, the $1 billion technology retailer, showed its humorous side this morning with the release of Eggcoin, a fictional cryptocurrency with its value tied to the price of a dozen eggs.


“It needed to be valuable to our tech community, more efficient to mine, more friendly to monitor, it needed to be … eggier. ” says the jokester in the below video.

The official Eggcoin website did not list information on how to obtain it at time of writing. Perhaps will make Eggcoin available alongside the recently skyrocketing Winklecoin.

An Altcoin developer who wished not to be named confirmed the validity of Eggcoin, saying:

Not a half-bad idea. Probably a 2-3 month pump followed by a quick dump for a cool $10 to $25 profit.

April Fool’s!

For those with a deprecated sense of irony, Eggcoin is most certainly an April Fool’s prank by the company. However, Bitcoin acceptance at Newegg is not a joke, as confirmed here:

Is this joking by so many companies regarding cryptocurrency a good sign? Certainly it means they are more important than they were years ago, when the same companies would not have even registered Bitcoin or anything else on their radar. What do you think? Are these jokes funny or a bad sign?

Note: the above quote from an anonymous Altcoin developer is fictitious.

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