Bitcoin MillionaireBitcoinmillionaire is the newest Bitcoin application for Apple iOS devices. It offers a quiz on Bitcoin with different difficulty levels. The application is also available online and on Google Play. This review will focus on the iOS application.

The app

When you first load Bitcoinmillionaire, you’re given instructions:

A Bitcoin game and education app for learning all about Bitcoins in an easy and fun way. Bitcoinmillionaire Game Design: Each game has 6 levels. The higher the level, the harder the question. Each level has 6 questions. Each question has 4 answer options and only 1 is correct. If you tap an answer and it is wrong the button turns red, else green. For each correct answer on Level 1, you get 5 virtual Bitcoins, Level 2 10, Level 3 15, Level 4 20, Level 5 25 and Level 6 30. There is 20sec timer which displays the next question automatically if you don’t answer a question within 20 sec. If you need help to answer a question, click on info icon. To move to the next level, you have to get on the current level at least 4 questions correct. if you fail a level, you can repeat it. Challenge your friends and competitors to rank #1 on the Leaderboard ;) Easy and fun to play ;). You can play as many games as you want.

Once you begin playing the game, you’re given a question and four choices. You need to tap on what you think is the correct choice. If you answer enough questions correctly on a level, you advance to the next level with more difficult questions.

A screenshot of an iPhone screen (rectangular, longer height than width). The question "Who is creator of bitcoin?" is asked. The choices are "Atoshi Nakamoto", "Nick Szabo", "Wei Dai", and "David Chaum". "Atoshi Nakamoto" is the correct answer which can be told because it's highlighted in green.


This app feels rushed. One of the first things I noticed was a huge spelling error in one of the featured screenshots: For the question, ‘Who is creator of Bitcoin?’ (note the broken English), the correct answer according to the game is ‘Atoshi Nakamoto’. The actual creator of Bitcoin goes by the pseudonym ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. This is a pretty big error considering that a) it’s a featured screenshot; b) the game is giving you no correct answer; c) this app is for “learning all about Bitcoins” however it gives you incorrect information. Fortunately in the actual game it gives the correct option of Satoshi Nakamoto, so the actual game is correct. However, this is still an issue because people may have a quick look at the featured screenshot and be given incorrect information.

A neat feature of the app is that if you’re stuck on a question, you can click on a button in the top right that will tell you information about the question. This information is generally helpful, however some of the hints seem to be taken straight from websites like Wikipedia and the Bitcoin Wiki. I think this is totally fine, however, the hints still contain the reference numbers from Wikipedia, for example “…by developer Satoshi Nakamoto.[4] The payments…” This is a problem that could be easily fixed.

The entire app is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. The thing that bugged me the most was that for most the fill in the blank questions, the ‘blanks’ are a bunch of periods. This makes the question look a tad bit strange. Something that annoyed me further was how each of the ‘fill in the blanks’ contained different amounts of periods. Some would have four periods, some would have seven. For example, one question was “Bitcoin is a ….. accepted payment form in many countries”. Another question was, “Like the U.S. dollar, Bitcoin is a …….. currency”. This made the questions look odd.


The actual questions for the quiz were generally pretty neat. I felt like the difficulty of the questions transitioned well as I got to higher levels. My main criticism for the questions would be that there weren’t enough; more levels than  six would be nice. I would like to see the game ask questions about the technical aspect of Bitcoin and more difficult questions in general.

A screenshot of an iPhone screen (rectangular, longer height than width). A long string of numbers starting with "3" is shown, followed by the text "is a". The options are "Ddord Bitcode", "Lakewood code", "Bitcoin slot", and "Bitcoin address".

Also, some questions weren’t clear. For example, one of the questions gave a string of letters and numbers starting with 3 (P2SH Bitcoin address) and asked the user what the letters and numbers meant. The correct answer was a Bitcoin address, however valid Bitcoin addresses always start with 1. The author of the question was probably trying to give an example without showing an actual Bitcoin address so users wouldn’t send bitcoins to that address, but this is not clarified so the question is confusing.


The app functions mostly as expected. The only bug I discovered was when I first opened the app: I was given directions to read but had no way to get past them. There wasn’t a button that I saw. I fixed this by exiting and quitting the app and reopening it. I then saw a button to continue. This bug gave me a poor first impression of the app.

Overall, this app is lacking. While it may function mostly as expected, some questions and answers are unclear or incorrect, it contains misspelled words and broken grammar, and only offers questions on the basics of Bitcoin. With updates and improvements, this game has the potential to become more fun and educational. I suggest you download this app and give it a try, as it still is an all-right way to learn some things about Bitcoin.

Images from Bitcoinmillionaire and Twin Design/Shutterstock.