CCN-Investment-Club-BiggerIf you’ve been following CryptoCoinsNews for a while or are just joining us now, welcome to the newer, fresher CCN. There have been a lot of updates and new facets recently, so this post is just to help sift through those for our readers. At the end of the article, please respond to a survey: We’re taking a poll to see how best we can create CryptoCoinsNews for the reader.

[divider]New Homepage and New Look[/divider]

Our new homepage is much more streamlined. Instead of the big, boxy spotlight articles, we have a much more simpler, refined stream of our articles. Here, you can find our posts in a chronological order.

If you look at the top of your screen, you’ll see a banner with all the links to our major pages, allowing you to explore our site with ease. As you scroll around the page, this banner will follow so that you don’t have to scroll all the way back up.

Within the banner, we’ve organized news just for you. Under the news tab, we’ve organized news into the three major cryptocoins. Under our categories tab, we’ve listed our major tags. The rest is self-explaining and I’ll cover it more in this article.

[divider]Many Languages[/divider]

CryptoCoinsNews is one of the fastest growing news sites for the crypto-community. As we continue to follow the development of cryptocurrencies, we are proud to include people from around the world.

We have articles on Spanish, French, German, Italian, Serbian, Greek, and Polish.

As we move forward, we are going to include Chinese as we know China is a major player and a huge market for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

[divider]Discussion Groups[/divider]

A huge facet to our CryptoCoinsNews experience we are trying to implement is our new ‘Groups’ tool. Here, you’ll be able to interact with our team of writers and market analysts as well as others in the crypto-community.

You may need to make a member account, but that is simple and easy. I was actually surprised at how simple it was.

At the top banner, click on the GROUPS tab.


After clicking the GROUPS tab, you’ll be able to access our forums.
Click on any of the forums and join the discussion!

[divider]More Engaging Sidebar[/divider]

Take a gander at our sidebar and you’ll see a lot of good and concise information.


Here, we’ve consolidated the ‘Most Read in the past 24 Hours’ with the ‘Most Commented (in the past 24 hours)’ and ‘The Most Recent Comments.’ This just gets rid of a lot of clutter and lets you get the information you want.

With this, you can find the most relevant and current news and stay up to date on the newest discussions on our articles.

Sidebar2Below that widget, we have a BTC price ticker. You can click on the Instagram profile @BitcoinPrice and find the most recent price shifts.

Also on the side bar, our latest Week in Review video will be embedded for you to view.

You’ll also be able to keep up with the latest happenings on the group discussions.

[divider]Social Media[/divider]

linksBe sure to follow us on our social media outlets. With a lot of new and exciting Bitcoin events and expos happening this year, like the Inside Bitcoin event in NYC, the CCN team is going to be implementing more engaging and live updating of our interaction with the crypto-community in the future.

As of now, our social media only automatically updates with our posts, but as we develop our internet presence, we will be improving our engagement with readers.


In our continuous growth as a news site and media outlet, we have expanded our reach into YouTube. If you have been following us, our Week In Review articles have been implementing an entertaining YouTube video along with it. This has only been implemented this month so far, and we have much bigger plans for YouTube. Subscribe there to get the latest.

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If you have any feedback on our layout or any suggestions, feel free to send an email at our site director David Parker at David.Parker (at)