New Crypto Mining Service Hashbyte Fighting Bitcoins Carbon Footprint and Offering Huge Returns

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HashByte is a new eco-friendly cloud mining company which has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since its inception in 2009. Utilising hash power, users can utilise technology such as their computer or even their phone to get involved in this new era of online transactions. But what if the user doesn’t have the time or possibly even the resources to mine? With electricity costs skyrocketing world-wide and Bitcoin forever increasing in difficulty, it is not unexpected that certain companies (like HashByte) have jumped to the challenge and are offering new, affordable and safer for the environment options of cryptocurrency mining.

Why choose HashByte?

Through cloud-mining services users can rent hash-power on a year by year contract. The price of such contracts are estimated dependent on their profitability and users tend to spend anywhere from $100 up to $100,000 gambling/praying that Bitcoins price will rise, that pool fees stay low, electricity fees are kept to a minimum and that hardware stays consistently affordable to keep online. For your average investor, that is a lot of unnecessary stress.

So what exactly makes HashByte different? Two weeks ago a member of the executive team was interviewed about just that and here is what he had to say.

Anon, Head of Engineering, HashByte

“Essentially, we are trying to offer the lowest possible contracts, both to beat our competitors and also to save the environment. You see, traditional cloud-mining companies are using a hell of alot of juice to get the machines up and running, and a hell of a lot more to keep them online. In most cases, that electricity is just being delivered directly off the grid, contributing to fossil fuel and greenhouse emissions, which are damaging our planet. People want to make money and we get that, but why should us profiting, have to equal the destruction of this beautiful place we live? And another thing is, these companies are then charging their users in ‘maintenance fees’, which is pretty much them just trying to keep on top of the ridiculous bills they are getting each month. So we changed things. We opened up centres across Europe that are being sustained entirely from green energy, from both wind and solar with the goal of even utilising biomass at some point in time. This means, we have no electricity fees, no maintenance fees, because we feel that should be on our shoulders, not our investors.”

When the Head of Engineering said low as possible, he meant contracts for Bitcoin that start at $0.50 per 10GH/s. If compared to services such as HashFlare (which has stopped paying) and Genesis-mining (which its contracts are off the roof and charge users for maintenance fee). HashByte is considerably cheaper, offering higher returns and ZERO fees.

Users can currently invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Monero contracts, but in an interview hosted by Cryptocurrency Influencer and YouTuber, Patrick Corsino, the company has expressed great interest in branching out into other currencies among other future ventures.

A Step In The Right Direction

The last two weeks has seen a turbulent amount of activity to the HashByte website and with the recent fiasco at HashFlare, one of the leading cloud-mining providers, now might be one of the best times for users to begin to seek alternative services.

For some though, HashByte might come as a sigh of relief, especially to those who have only recently dipped their toes into the crazy world of cryptocurrency. A new face in the market might be just what we need right now, ensuring competitors finally begin to take their clientele seriously and not just doing and saying what they please, due to holding the monopoly.

William Shatner, director and former Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise from the hit franchise Star Trek, has recently spoken about his support for a large solar-powered bitcoin mining startup in Southern Illinois, fighting Bitcoins carbon footprint. This could potentially be inspired by HashBytes endeavours in the field, and is encouraging to those who may have recently been disappointed with their mining contracts in HashFlare or Genesis Mining.

“As an advocate for solar energy, I was intrigued by the potential for it to power cryptocurrency mining operations. I am proud to be a part of the group that is powering the digital currency revolution. Blockchain technologies, and cryptocurrencies specifically, are at the cutting edge of a new distributed technology infrastructure.” Shatner said in a release.

Maybe this is the beginning of a new era for cloud-mining services. Considering the high volatility of cryptocurrencies which creates FUD amongst most crypto hodlers, mining/cloud-mining is considered to be a great investment option that generates consistent profit regardless of the instability in the market.

The Incentives

For some, the small bonuses that HashByte offer might be what is most appealing. HashByte reached out and stated that they are in the process of running a small ‘bounty’ like program for their service. Sharing articles such as this could score users a discount on their first investment and going as far as making videos could land users with potentially large and bonus contracts as well as tons of other free goodies. To top it off, HashByte also offer 5% referral commissions via its single level affiliate program.

So if you do happen to want to get involved in the HashByte bounty program, be sure to hit up their live support chat or Telegram support.

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