New Crypto Advertisement Platform Is Using AdCoin

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The digital advertising market is growing rapidly, and both sides are looking for more convenient and efficient tools for publishing and selling ads. The new AdCoinClick platform could become one of the new-generation crypto advertisement networks.

The pace of Blockchain projects with rapid ICOs puts stricter requirements on advertising. Crypto investors have a different mindset as they are looking for promising projects to invest in. No one wants to waste his time and money, promoting their project to people who will never become investors. That is why the industry is interested in specialized advertisement with a high level of transparency and targeted promotions.

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According to Magna Global research, the online advertising market has grown by 17 percent in 2017 and will reach $348 bln by 2022. With such large spending, publishers are seeking ways to better monetize their content while advertisers are trying to increase their brand awareness. The problem of ineffective “dummy” advertising is pushing both sides to find new ways of buying and selling ads.

The AdCoin team offers one of the answers to this problem. On May 1 they are launching a new Blockchain-based comprehensive advertisement platform aimed at the crypto-market and crypto-audience. AdCoinClick is a tool for launching campaigns where you pay for your advertisement with AdCoin.

Crypto-campaign with couple of clicks

There are many problems with global advertisements. When you want to pay for a campaign or extend your advertisements, payment comes from wire transfers and bank transactions. Sometimes they are slow, and they are always coupled with high fees and commissions. Meanwhile, people can use AdCloinClick to start a campaign with a couple of clicks and pay for all sorts of ads with AdCoin. There is no need to exchange and buy exotic flat money for every country. The payment process is easier, cheaper, and faster.

The system is based on one of Litecoin’s hard forks – one of the most popular, tested, and trusted cryptocurrencies. It works with major advertising networks all around the world and offers an easy way to show ads to a target audience. Using Blockchain as a basis allows for the transparency and personalization of ad campaigns, and you can always track your spending and correct your goals at any time.

However, one of the most attractive things about the new AdCoinClick platform is positioning. It covers the crypto-oriented audience, and you can rest assured that your ad will be shown only to people interested in your product who are waiting for great new ICOs and projects. Precise targeting and very small commissions enable AdCoinClck to revolutionize global ad campaigns during the ICO and tokens sale.

Already backed with an ecosystem

AdCoinClick is based on the AdCoin cryptocurrency, and developers have already put much effort into building a marketing ecosystem around it. They have already presented several integrations including payments for WooCoomerce, a WordPress plugin and Drupal integration. In addition, there is a flexible API to integrate the payment solution into any project and work with the AdCoin web wallet without the native interface.

The digital advertising market is growing quickly. AdCoin is focused only on advertising and marketing transactions, which is why we can expect a stable currency exchange rate and agreeable conditions for advertisers, publishers and ad networks. That is why the new AdCoinClick platform is a comprehensive marketing tool for crypto-projects, and today anyone can launch his own campaign with minimal spending and efforts.