A New Blockchain Platform Aims to Redefine the Gaming Industry

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There is a renowned saying “Health is wealth” and surprisingly enough video games promote good health in human beings. People who indulge in video games on a regular basis have showcased signs of being healthy. It has been reported that video games enhance a child’s decision making ability and promotes logical thinking. Gamers, in general, tend to showcase enhanced cognitive skills. Video games are not merely a source of diversion or entertainment, but it contributes to the overall development of a human being as it strengthens the muscles located in the brain by constantly involving the brain in a simulation. The constant simulation taking place on the screen requires the player to coordinate physical movements as well as audio and visual movements. Playing video games help in improving an individual’s hand-eye coordination as it involves more activity than staring at a television screen. It also helps in improving an individual’s problem solving skills and enhances their decision making abilities. In the long run, video games considerably improve a person’s ability to concentrate on a task and enhance their memory.

The Next Big Thing In The Gaming Industry:

GAWOONI is a recognizable name in the gaming industry especially in the Asia-Pacific region. especially popular in the Indian, Chinese and Indonesian markets. GAWOONI utilizes the basic framework established by game developers in relation to making games. GAWOONI is an international game developer and it has managed to create the very first ecosphere for gamers and which serves both B2B as well as B2C clients.  Its primary focus is to emerge in the South Asian and South American markets in the near future. GAWOONI aims to change the face of the gaming industry through their ecosphere for gamers. GAWOONI has also introduced in-built tokens and coins which are currencies in the games ecosphere. The one currency can be utilized by gamers in all games and activities present on the GAWOONI platform. The games developed by GAWOONI will be listed on the platform. In fact, two games have already been completed and ready to be launched. Games from third parties joining the ecosystem will also be listed. Additionally, GAWOONI will be inviting gamers to share their feedbacks on it, so that the team can make the experiences more enhanced before it officially launches the game.

The Advent Of Blockchain:

Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and will soon become even more decentralized and democratic as time progresses. It has been reported that 10% of the global GDP will be stored with the help of blockchain technology. Blockchain technology involves a game theory component which establishes incentives and disincentives on the basis of economic logic and rationality. In recent times, the blockchain technology is being utilized by the gaming industry.  It is being implemented in games proving players with new opportunities.

Advantages Of Using Gawooni Gaming Platform:

  • GAWOONI works hand in hand with the Tourism Authority of Thailand as well as the Elephant National Park. It aims at raising awareness in relation to preservation of wildlife and the environment.
  • GAWOONI has an enormous base of gamers from all around the world.
  • GAWOONI’s business model is quite diverse and includes two independent avenues of revenue generation.
  • GAWOONI has grown considerably is the gaming industry over the past few years and is set to become more widespread and user friendly in the future.
  • A plethora of games are available on the platform that cater to a person’s entertainment needs.

Hence, GAWOONI is well on its way to alter the face of the gaming industry by being one of the first decentralized, blockchain based gaming platforms.

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