Nasty Mining Celebrates It’s 2 Year Anniversary With The NastyPool Mining Lotto

June 10, 2014
NastyMining Celebrates It’s 2 Year Anniversary With The NastyPool Mining Lotto

Nasty Mining is celebrating its 2 year anniversary this week. In honor of it, OgNasty and nonnakip are announcing the NastyPool Mining Lotto. NastyPool is a P2Pool node that has successfully weathered the storm of large mining pools and gives the NastyFans and NastyMiners a place to call home. P2Pools are even more important than ever now as you continue to see is hovering near the 50% range with their disclosed hash rate.

NastyPool is run by nonnakip who also runs The service is unique in that you can buy a seat in NastyFans that is similar to a share. In my previous article about NastyMining and the NastyFans Coin, I explained how you are able to have your seat Minted as well. A minted seat not only gives you a share you also get a 1oz Silver NastyFans Coin. The same NastyFans Minted Seat coin is the prize for the Lotto.


[dropcap size=small]H[/dropcap]ere is the NastyPool Mining Lotto Announcement.

NastyPool Mining Lotto Announcement

Anyone who mines on NastyPool ( from June 10th  through June 12th will be entered into a lottery. You will get a lottery ticket for each MH/s you average from midnight June 10th PST until midnight June 13th.

Even GPU miners should be able to earn a lottery ticket and maybe some CPU miners!

When mining for the Lottery, use your NastyFans username as the miner username. If your miner is less than 1 GH/s, it is recommended to add +5 to the end of your username. Doing this will allow the pool too quickly recognize the work your miner is doing. Just keep in mind the Lottery is limited to NastyFans members. (Of course, for 0.0393 BTC anyone can buy a seat at and join the fun!)

After June 12th the lottery tickets will be distributed and visible from your NastyFans account. Later there will be a drawing.
The prize? … A FREE MINTED SEAT!

So get your CPU/GPU/FPGA/ASIC miners fired up for 3 days of Nasty Mining!

You can sign up for a NastyFans account on On the site, you can buy seats, participate in votes, read transcripts of seat holder discussions, buy minted seats and so much more.


[dropcap size=small]I[/dropcap] asked OgNasty of NastyMining about NastyPool and how and why it came to be.


We formed NastyPool because we wanted our mining operation to help the decentralized mining cause. The more we learned about P2Pool, the more we wanted to support it, so opening our pool up to others was the natural progression. As miners started using the pool, we received various complaints that caused us to want to improve upon P2Pool so that it is more like a typical mining experience. We hope our eventual implementation of P2Pool PPS helps make P2Pool more popular amongst new miners and also helps to decentralize the network.


[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]gNasty and nonnakip have been working hard on improving P2Pool, and the current setup they have is simple to use that is much more stable than other P2Pool node setups.


More than ever, it is important for miners to decentralize their mining and get away from places like gHash that are skirting the 50% line in disclosed hash rate. One of the benefits of NastyPool that I like is the newly minted coins. Only with P2Pool or solo mining do you get them. With other types of pools, your rewards are often from special hot wallets that the pools use for payouts. I created a separate address just to collect my newly minted Bitcoins in one place. I know it seems trivial but to me it is fun and interesting to have.

I highly recommend NastyPool and encourage people who use to to leave and go to NastyPool. You will not only be helping Bitcoin by supporting the network as intended you will also help lower the threat of a 51% attack by

Enjoy NastyPool and good luck in the lotto the NastyFans Coins is an excellent prize that is more than just a coin.

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