NagriCoin ITO Will Officially Accept US Accredited Investors - NagriTech Files Regulation D Exemption with SEC

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The Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an exemption for NagriTech to offer investment to accredited US investors. NagriTech, a new agricultural products manufacturer that specializes in organic plant growth, issued a statement saying, “We are incredibly pleased to announce that we can now accept accredited United States investors to our project. Our passion for a better world has reached a greater potential, and we are excited and honored to be more inclusive with help from U.S. regulators.”

The company received notice of their Regulation D 506 (C) exemption late Friday, May 11th. This type of exemption allows the company to offer NagriCoin to accredited US investors that pass a KYC background form (Know Your Customer). Their official ITO offering begins May 28 and runs until June 30 with the opportunity for early investors to receive up to 50% discount during their Pre-ITO. Investors then receive 25% off the release price during the official ITO.

Many new coin offerings don’t allow investment from the United States because of the expense, time, effort, and need for transparency to the SEC. The lack of effort by new ICO’s has left many in cryptocurrency markets with limited ability to invest. Taking the time to register with the SEC provides more opportunities for investors to participate and to track their investments. NagriCoin will have to report to the SEC, but says, “Our goal is to foster trust, transparency, inclusivity, and prove to the world that we are serious about making it a better place for all of us to live and eat.”

Because NagriTech has been striving diligently it has received high marks from Foundico(8.6/10), ICOMarks (9.3/10), and TrackICO (4.8/5) to name a few of the major ICO communities taking notice. With so many token offerings available, it can be difficult to find such a highly rated project that has a direct path to product delivery.

NagriTech has outlined in its whitepaper that it expects to be profitable within 2 years and  completely self sufficient within that time period. They are so confident about those projections, that they’ve issued a buyback plan already. They are setting aside 20% of gross revenue to purchase back from their token community. It’s rare to see a company at any scale improve dividend yield for its investors, but it comes as no surprise for NagriTech CEO Evgeniy Kozarenko. He says, “Our investors are important to NagriTech. They are the catalyst for our growth and growth is our business. It is only natural to provide growth opportunity for our investors also.”

The company has a mission to produce organic products that stimulate the growth of crops, reduce harmful components, and improve quality and yield for farmers. They have been developing its flagship product, Nagri-HL, for the last 7 years. They have field tested the so called “smart” fertilizer in Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom, Ukraine, Russia and parts of the United States that show promising results for improving crop cycles. In some cases, NagriTech has shown improved plant growth as much as 50% better than control groups.

With all the hard evidence of success, an experienced team of leaders and advisors have taken the steps necessary to register with regulators. NagriCoin is certainly building a reputation as an ITO to watch.

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