Naga Launches ICO for First Blockchain-based Universe For Trading, Investing and Education


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ICOs are all the rage these days, stirring up strong emotions with both investors and technology enthusiasts. The first dozen companies to leverage this new financial instrument for funding were able to generate over a billion dollars with “Tezos” and “EOS” realizing 230 and 300 millions of dollars respectively. Currently, ICOs have attracted $2.7 billion dollars from investors worldwide and is expected attract more as businesses embrace the potentials of the blockchain.

However, ICOs remains a highly speculative and risky investment for investors due to inconsistent market performances, rampant irregularities, absence of regulations, technical incompetence, legal ambiguities, and “copycat” projects. Statistically, 84% of ICOs launched do not have a finished product to back their offer. These challenges have barred many an investor from  entering this exciting new market and greatly stunted the usage and growth of cryptocurrencies. Naga, a publicly listed company on Frankfurt Stock Exchange and co-funded by China’s largest private multi-billion dollar company, is set to resolve this issue by launching the first Blockchain-based universe for decentralized trading, investing and education in financial markets, virtual goods and cryptocurrencies

Founded in 2015 with the fastest German IPO launch in the last 15 years, and currently trading at 500% above issued price, Naga is not just another abstract concept or copycat token sales. The German fintech company offers a revolutionary ecosystem that directly connects users to whatever they want to purchase, be it gold or in-game items using assets from a different medium. On this groundbreaking, decentralized platform, gamers can convert their in-game rewards into Apple shares and gold through Switex or leverage their trading prowess with the social network, stock trading tool, SwipeStox. SwipeStox has been likened to Facebook for traders, allowing them to  use over 700 trading instruments, autocopy of top traders with one single click, and a sophisticated Robo-Advisor called “CYBO” that provides traders with crowd data indexing and market data. This innovative app is currently available on mobile app stores for Android, IOS, and on the web.

Naga Coin is the cryptocurrency driving all interactions on the platform from rewards system to settlements. However, unlike most coins, Naga coin is not limited to financial settlements only. It also represents shares in the company and are backed by real assets. Users will be able to use these coins trading via SwipeStox and Switex across various platforms and networks.

Being an openly traded company, Naga is among the top 16% companies with completed projects and working infrastructure. On top of that, the company is supported by the large investment funds, which makes the pool of such companies extremely limited

Naga Group is also pleased to welcome the CEO of, Roger Ver, and COO, Mate Tokay to its advisory board. Roger Ver is a pioneer in Bitcoin adoption around the world and the first Bitcoin angel investor having funded the entire fire generation of Bitcoin-related businesses. Mate Tokay has his finger on the pulse of the crypto industry and has been involved in several high-profile and successful blockchain projects.

Visit NAGA’s website and join Telegram chat for more information.

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