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Mysterious Crypto Whale Unveils Meteoric Bitcoin Price Target

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Conor Maloney
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: A mysterious crypto whale set a meteoric Bitcoin price target, and he revealed it in an exclusive interview with CCN.com.

The anonymous Bitcoin whale, known only by his crypto addresses, has accumulated a fortune of more than 7,000 BTC. The crypto holdings are worth $35 million USD at the time of writing, and they’re mostly held in this wallet .

He let CCN.com in on some seasoned technical analysis insights that suggest the Bitcoin price is well on its way to eclipsing the $50,000 mark.

Mystery Whale Caught the Crypto Big During the Early Days

bitcoin whale
This anonymous Bitcoin whale caught the crypto bug early on. | Source: Shutterstock

The Bitcoin giant invested in the world’s leading cryptocurrency back in the early days. From there he picked a number of solid investments – Binance and Ethereum among them – growing a substantial fortune

“I actively invested in Bitcoin back in those years when only in small circles knew about it. Before investing, I conducted a personal analysis of Bitcoin technology. I saw a great prospect for society in him and the financial system as a whole, which had already begun to change. We are still in the beginning and I see a huge potential in the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain technology.”

Despite maintaining a positive outlook, the investor states that “not everybody will survive the crypto winter,” indicating that it may not yet be over in his eyes.

$50,000 Bitcoin Price Waits on the Horizon

While macroeconomic predictions should always be taken with a pinch of salt, the people who have made millions trading are perhaps the best ones to ask, and the enigmatic crypto investor had a lot to say on future price action.

“I think we will see $50,000 Bitcoin in the next three to five years.”

bitcoin price
The Bitcoin investor is not fully convinced that we have re-entered the bull market. However, he did state the market is likely headed that way soon.

“I believe that we are either already seeing a bull market return. If not, we’ll see it in the coming months. One key indicator is the increase in exchange and OTC trading. Bitcoin consolidation above the 200-day moving average and the approximation of halving are also bullish.”

Anonymously Investing in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

After becoming an early BTC adopter and investing in Binance tokens within months of launch, the anonymous Bitcoin investor said he turned his gaze to Roobee, an AI-based investment service, following in the footsteps of the anonymous trader who made over $200 million trading Ethereum.

He said he transferred over 200 bitcoins to Roobee  with a message saying, “In Roobee I trust,” and did it all without disclosing his identity.

An aspect of cryptocurrency technology which is both feared and lauded is privacy. Pseudonymity or anonymity is available to crypto users when transacting, a hotly-debated topic. Indeed, transferring vast amounts in total secrecy can often conjure images of illicit activity.

However, the potential to make major anonymous investments highlights, once again, an important use case for crypto. The new technology can shield users from would-be attackers seeking to target high-value victims. While grassroots support is inarguably the driving force for cryptocurrency adoption, it never hurts to appeal to influential multi-millionaires at the same time.