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Mueller Report: Assange Calls Hillary a ‘Bright, Well Connected Sociopath’

Greg Thomson
Last Updated September 23, 2020 12:38 PM

By CCN.com: According to the Muller report, Julian Assange described Hillary Clinton in private messages as ‘a bright, well connected, sociopath’, and also made references to her ‘bloodlust, and ambitions of empire’.


Those comments were scraped from a Wikileaks Twitter account and presented in the section of the Muller report  detailing Wikileaks role in the 2016 U.S presidential elections. Julian Assange is said to have written:

“We believe it would be much better for GOP to win… dems+media+liberals woudl (sic) then form a block to reign in their worst qualities… With Hillary in charge, GOP will be pushing for her worst qualities, dems+media+neoliberals will be mute… She’s a bright, well connected sociopath.”

Assange reasoned that a Clinton victory would result in more bloodshed than a Republican victory, as Hillary would use her influence in Washington to corral opposition support for more self-serving wars. Assange wrote:

“GOP will generate a lot of oposition (sic), including through dumb moves. Hillary will do the same thing but co-opt the liberal opposition and the GOP opposition. Hence Hillary has greater freedom to start wars than the GOP and has the will to do so.”

This differs greatly from the mainstream narrative being presented at the time – one which painted Donald Trump as the dangerous wildcard, and Hillary Clinton as the stable, experienced, safe pair of hands.


Another message from the Wikileaks account describes the prospect of a Hillary victory with horror, describing Clinton:

“…in Whitehouse with her bloodlust and amitions (sic) of empire with hawkish, liberal-interventionist appointees.”

Judging by the reliable pattern of misspellings, there’s a good chance this comment can be ascribed to Assange. The Mueller report is non-committal, describing it merely as a comment from an unknown person on the Wikileaks Twitter account.

hillary clinton
Hillary Clinton was seen as the favorite for the US presidency, over Donald Trump. | Source: Shutterstock

Early on in the presidential race, Wikileaks had very little belief in a Trump victory. In another Twitter direct message, someone from the Wikileaks account wrote in an exchange with a hacker alias named Guccifer 2.0:

“We think Trump only has a 25% chance of winning against Hillary, so conflict between Bernie and Hillary is interesting.”

Judging by these comments, which stretch back to early 2015, it appears the focus was on harming Hillary, rather than helping Trump. In fact, judging by most of the Wikileaks chatter presented in the Mueller report, it seems the hacking group completely underestimated Donald Trump’s chances of winning the election – as did most people.


Another misspelled message from the Wikileaks account reveals some of Wikileaks personal ambitions, including their goal to become a major influencer in U.S elections. While Wikileaks were designing their data archive, they wrote:

“We want this repository to become ‘the place’ to search for background on Hillary’s plotting at the state department during 2009-2013… Firstly because it’s useful and will annoy Hillary, but secondly because we want to be seen as a player/resource in the U.S election, because eit (sic) may en courage (sic) people to send us even more important leaks.”

While the Mueller report found no obstruction and no collusion, the extent to which third-party groups like Wikileaks are having a say in domestic policy should be a worry to anyone, regardless of political leanings. This time they targeted a worthy villain, but it might not always be so.