The Much Awaited TGE of TriForce Token Has Begun


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TriForce Tokens has already made news recently. The decentralized gaming platform has been acquiring major contributors and members recently – the most high profile is the addition of Danny Montaner, the world champion of Counter Strike. He is famously known under his online alias, fRoD. The manager of the E-gaming team FaZe Clan is an advisor to the TriForce Tokens team and brings his vast experiences as a professional gamer to the platform, helping to shape it into a gaming experience that will be like none other.

Introducing the TriForce Token

TriForce Tokens is a platform to bring gamers and game developers on a single page. Free from the worries of marketing, distributing and earnings from their games, developers can be more focused on developing the game itself while gamers can play games, interact with each other, participate in events and chat with developers on what to improve in the games itself.

TriForce Tokens has several other advantages, such as mitigating piracy. The gaming will be acquired through the platform’s store, ensuring original copies are distributed. The team also promises to provide developers with Big Data gathered by users playing their games, enabling the developers to make sound decisions on additions and updates made to their games.

Use the FORCE

The TriForce Tokens platform is powered by its own token, the FORCE. It is an integral part of the gaming platform, enabling gamers to pay for games, exchange in game items and earn it in tournaments and events. Available as a preprogrammed addition for developers, a small API can be inserted in the games to allow developers to earn from gamers.

The FORCE token is based on Ethereum’s ERC223, a next generation standard that has improvements over the ERC20 standard. This means no lost tokens when accidently executing wallet transfers in a smart contract and half the gas required to transfer tokens in a contract.


The initial Token Generation Event will begin on 20th February and will continue till 6th March. You can sign up here to become a part of the whitelist. The basic rate of exchange in the event is 1 ETH = 6000 FORCE. A total of 2,000,000,000 tokens will be generated, of which 1,500,000,000 are up for grabs by backers during the sale. The rest of the tokens are kept in reserve for R&D and liquidity use.

To counter inflation and abuse of tokens that are not acquired by backers, leftover tokens after the main generation event will be burnt. There is a decreasing discount associated with the initial event. For the first 15,000,000 tokens, a discount of 25% is applied and will decrease as more and more tokens are acquired by backers.

The platform uses the highest levels of security to ensure there is no issue that will be detrimental to the event. A combination of SHA256 encryption, Cloudfire DDOS protection and firewalls are in place to make the event a pleasurable experience for backers.

Visit the website to become a backer:

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