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MSNBC is Ignoring Andrew Yang- But it Could Help His “Free Money” Campaign

Laura Hoy
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:16 PM
  • Outlier candidate Andrew Yang has been left out of MSNBC’s election coverage on several occasions.
  • Yang’s supporters say the oversight is intentional and speaks to the network’s political agenda.
  • The tension could actually build support for Yang as an anti-establishment candidate.

Andrew Yang has become somewhat of a wild-card in the Democratic Primaries this year. From his fiercely loyal “YangGang” to his promise to “literally give everybody money,” his campaign has been worth watching. He doesn’t have the polling numbers to rival top-tier candidates like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders— but he’s firmly in the middle of the Dems’ race. However, anyone who gets their news via MSNBC are likely to think Yang already dropped out of the race as the network has iced him out of their coverage of the election.

Andrew Yang is Ignored

YangGang, Andrew Yang
Source: Twitter https://twitter.com/ianbremmer/status/1196139153085231104

The network’s polling results graphics consistently leave Yang off, even though in one case, he ranked higher than a few who’d been included. Leaving Yang out of the pack because he simply hadn’t made the final cut is one thing, but the glaring open space in their infographics coupled with the fact that Andrew Yang’s polling numbers were equal to that of several included candidates has caught the attention of the YangGang— and they’re not happy. 

MSNBC’s apparent efforts to minimize Andrew Yang’s campaign could be doing the opposite. The YangGang are furious about the network’s oversight, with some even threatening legal action and claiming the decision to exclude Yang is racially motivated. The group has also taken out their frustrations by “rage donating’ to Yang’s campaign.

YangGang, Andrew Yang
Source: Twitter 

Yang’s entire campaign is based on his status as a political outsider. Unlike most of the others in this race, he’s never dabbled in politics. Instead, Andrew Yang’s biggest draw is that he’s smart and successful. He represents the ‘none of the above’ option. Yang appeals to young people, particularly those that are fed up with traditional politicians. His supporters are fiercely loyal, evidenced by his impressive fundraising to date. 

A Business Insider poll shows that the YangGang is growing at an impressive rate compared to other candidates . Those who support Andrew Yang like an average of 5.5 of the Democrat candidates. Seven percent say they like only Yang as the nominee. Of the second-tier candidates, only Tulsi Gabbard’s supporters rival Yangs with 7%  saying they’d be happy with just her. Business Insider polls also show that Yang plays  well among voters who haven’t yet decided whether they’ll vote Democrat or Republican .

YangGang Mobilizes

With the Democrat’s next debate just days away, the YangGang are questioning whether Andrew will get the time of day. After all, the event is hosted by MSNBC. 

Before Yang was left off MSNBC’s infographics, Yang’s supporters had a strong online presence that some have equate d to Trump’s support back in 2016 . Now, with what many are calling a deliberate attempt to sabotage on the table, Yang’s campaign has become even more visible. 

YangGang, Andrew Yang
Source: Twitter https://twitter.com/YangMemes/status/1195154450844962817


That could be a key factor in improving Yang’s chances to make it further into the race to the White House. While Yang’s army of small donors ticks one of the boxes to get him into the December Debate, he needs 4% support in four national polls or 6% in two early-state polls. So far, he hasn’t hit either of those targets , though he has been able to achieve 4% in the polls twice before to qualify for the upcoming November debate. Yang’s controversial spat with MSNBC could give his ‘outlier’ campaign much more traction.