Mr Bitcoin Goes to the World Cup

June 14, 2014

The hundreds of thousands of supporters that have descended on Brasil to watch their national team on the world stage play the beautiful game are joined by Mr Bitcoin, a yellow and purple mascot promoting Bitcoin Donation Cup, a global community donation program sponsored by ten Bitcoin companies to provide a seamless way for fans around the world to donate bitcoin to a participating charity of their choice.


[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]ith off market tickets reportedly being sold for $7,000, fans can now recoup some expenses by holding the Bitcoin Cup sign with a QR code while watching the game in Brasil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and the United State. By simply scanning the QR code with a smartphones or tablet donors can give bitcoin to help both fans and charities as 30% of the donation goes towards supporting the fans holding the QR codes while the remaining 70% goes directly towards a participating charity.

“It’s amazing to see bitcoin users around the world support not only our cause but many other charities,” said Connie Gallippi, Founder and Executive Director of BitGive, a charitable giving organization with a mission to leverage the power of the Bitcoin community to improve public health and the environment through charitable campaigns and partnerships to reach the developing and third world.


Mr Bitcoin

Mr Bitcoin, a yellow and purple mascot fronting the B symbol and wearing playful glasses has recently been seen mingling with fans and onlookers while promoting the Bitcoin Cup and Bitcoin more generally. On the Bitcoin Cup facebook page which provides updates on Mr Bitcoin’s activities, Mr Bitcoin can be seen wondering around Brasil’s streets, cheering with football fans in numerous pubs, clubs and cafes as well as enjoying the sunshine on Brasil’s beaches and doubtlessly taking a dive or two.


Supporting Fans and Charities

While having fun, a drink, or simply enjoying the sunshine football fans can now support a charity of choice with frictionless bitcoin transactions through scanning the Bitcoin Cup QR code. The donations will be processed by BitPay, the leading bitcoin payment service provider which has recently raised a record breaking $30 million. Bitpay offers free bitcoin payment processing for charities, therefore any donations made through the Bitcoin Cup would not be eroded by any processing fees which are already non-existent of very low for bitcoin in general.

“This is a great opportunity for BitPay to support many important charities throughout the world while introducing bitcoin to fans throughout South America,” said Albert Vega, BitPay’s Regional Manager for Latin America.

Tens of thousands of fans from England and Italy will flood Brasil today to watch their national team play one of the most exciting games of the World Cup which is to take place at 23:00 GMT. We hope that our cheeky bitcoin mascot will be there too, together with fans holding the Bitcoin Cup sign.


The Ten Sponsoring Bitcoin Companies


BitGive aims to improve public health and the environment worldwide by supporting charitable campaigns and forming partnerships to reach the developing and third world.



The leading bitcoin payment processor which currently raised a record braking 30 million. Bitpay has processed over $100 million worth of bitcoin transactions last year and provides its service to Zynga, WordPress, Virgin Galactic and more than 30,000 other merchants.


Mercado Bitcoin

Mercado Bitcoin is Brazil based company where customers can sell and buy bitcoins.



Altis is a Mexico based investment service provider that buys, sells and manages bitcoins and altcoins as well as invests in bitcoin and altcoin start-ups.


MexBT and Bitso

MexBT and Bitso are both Mexican bitcoin exchanges serving the Mexican market.


Colombia Bitcoin Foundation and the Fundacion Bitcoin de Argentina

The Colombian Bitcoin Foundation and the Argentinian Bitcoin Foundation are both offshoots of the Bitcoin Foundation which aims to promote, standardize and protect Bitcoin.

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