Move over Dogecoin, Bitcoin may be about to enter NASCAR

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July 24, 2014 7:45 PM UTC

NASCAR fans might get even more, perhaps unwanted, exposure to digital currency this year. Only months ago, Josh Wise was racing under the Dogecoin name. Now, rookie driver Alex Bowman and the BK racing team are embracing Bitcoin and are putting their support behind Bitcoin crowdfunding effort ‘Bitcoin23‘ (Alex Bowman’s number is 23) to raise $100,000 USD worth to fully wrap Bowman’s #23 car in Bitcoin-themed livery for the Labor Day weekend race (August 29 – 31) at the Atlanta Motor Speedway for the Sprint Cup series.

If the goal of $100,000 is reached or exceeded, it would be one of the largest bitcoin crowdfunding efforts to date. Not only will Bowman’s car be wrapped in Bitcoin designs, but the team will bring Bitcoin related pamphlets to the track to raise awareness for cryptocurrencies. For all those that contributed, they will be invited to a cookout on the floor of the Atlanta Speedway for a huge Bitcoin meetup.

“Bitcoin is changing the way people think about how they spend money and pay for things. With as much that is sold at the track, I believe that a technology like bitcoin has a place in the sport. Introducing Bitcoin to NASCAR will bring new fans to racing and help drive mainstream adoption.” – Alex Bowman

There is could be a lot of potential for NASCAR to begin to notice cryptocurrency and perhaps embrace it in their merchandise, ticketing, and other payments. After all, a lot of the trailblazing has been taken on by Dogecoin and Josh Wise. However, as’s very own Josiah Wilmoth observed during the Dogecar’s reign, the NASCAR community may not be that open to cryptocurrencies or even care.

“Josh Wise’s on-the-ground footprint suffered from ignorance by track personnel, but I was much more surprised by the hostile response that the NASCAR fans gave him. Many were indifferent to him, some were outright hostile, and very few reacted positively to the Dogecar.”

Alex Bowman has been racing since he was seven but has made his NASCAR debut in 2012, winning rookie of the year and has twice won the National Series pole.

BK Racing is a racing company that focuses on technological advancements in racing and believes in the power of combining Bitcoin and NASCAR:

Bitcoin can become a key player in the world of NASCAR, appealing to the existing and new markets of fans in addition to some of the largest and most established businesses around the world.

Both NASCAR and Bitcoin are backed by the support of influential individuals and forward-thinking business owners who are open to the possibilities of digital currency.

We’ve all seen Bitcoin’s rollercoaster from the early stages to where it’s at today. As people hear about Bitcoin and are educated in a positive way, a percentage of those people will start using Bitcoin which will also lead more businesses to acknowledge and accept Bitcoin. Our goal isn’t only wrapping a Sprint Cup car. Our goal is to increase the support for Bitcoin, Alex Bowman, and BK Racing while educating as many people as possible about Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin23 crowdfunding campaign began today using Crowdtilt and will continue until August 20.

To make your pledge to Bitcoin23, visit and click on your funding level. If pledging via Bitcoin, users will submit payment and receive specific instructions to claim the chosen reward.

To learn more about the campaign and attending the monumental event, visit For any further questions or for interview inquiries, please contact

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