Money20/20 Announces Bitcoin Promotion and Hackathon

August 12, 2014 21:00 UTC

Money20/20 is entering its third year in a big way. As one of the leading financial-anything events in the industry, Money20/20 attracts thousands of attendees from the biggest companies in the industry. Though Money20/20 is a payments and financial services conference first and foremost, the innovative properties of Bitcoin have unquestionably become a significant part of said industry. This year, Money20/20 has built a dedicated (Bit)coin World to recognize the progress made by the fledgling industry. The keynote speakers for (Bit)coin World are none other than Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, To put things in perspective, only around 10% of the speakers lined up for the conference are in any way related to the Bitcoin industry. Money20/20, of course, accepts Bitcoin for registration costs and has done so in previous years as well. What you might not have known, though, is that Money20/20 held onto their bitcoins instead of converting them to Fiat. Money20/20 is now giving those bitcoins back to the community.

Money20/20 Offers Bitcoin To Registrants

This week only, all new registrants will receive 0.1 BTC as a gift. Money2020 decided to offer this unique incentive to conference participants after executing a similar program with existing registrants. Last month, Money20/20 sent out a survey to the several thousand registered guests and offered a 0.1 BTC optional incentive for completing the survey. Money20/20 revealed that the majority of registered attendees are VP-level or above, with a plurality at C-level or above. 29% of respondents to the survey included a Bitcoin address to claim their prize. Money20/20 is offering this 0.1 BTC incentive to show their continued support of Bitcoin and they expect mid-August registration numbers to rise as a result of the unique promotion. Money20/20’s promotion will run until the end of this week. The organizers of Money20/20 noticed that year after year, their cryptocurrency events were always standing room only.

“Since our inaugural event in 2012, bitcoin and the associated cryptocurrency technology has become one of the most prolific areas of innovation  in the industry—and Money20/20 has made a conscious and concerted effort to ensure its coverage.”

Money20/20 Hackathon

Earlier in August, Money 20/20 announced the ‘Money20/20 Hackathon” to be held in the days prior to the start of theMoney 20/20 conference, which officially kicks off on November 2nd. Teams of one to five members will compete for $125,000 in cash prizes, and the overall winning team will have the priceless opportunity to present their project to conference attendees through Money 20/20’s Launchpad360 program. The teams are tasked with creating applications based on the application programming interfaces (APIs) from “10 of the top innovators in the financial services sector.” Hopeful developers will be creating never-before-seen implementations from the APIs provided. The APIs come from companies on all ends of the fintech spectrum: from companies like and to more established service providers like Mastercard and PayPal.

By working with Money 20/20, and will be at the forefront of Bitcoin’s latest push into the mainstream spotlight. While Bitcoin companies are always present at specified Bitcoin conferences, this year’s Money 20/20 conference will be one of the first times that two, not just one, Bitcoin companies’ APIs will be offered to developers on the same even playing field as Mastercard’s and PayPal’s. Money20/20 is offering a $250 travel and lodging stipend to qualified participants, but conference registration is not included. CCN will be in attendance at Money20/20; we are thrilled to see how the Hackathon winner incorporates Bitcoin.

Images from Money2020.

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