Money20/20 Agenda Available & 90% Sold Out

October 9, 2014 04:00 UTC

Money20/20 is one of the largest conferences in the world that focuses on the technology and innovations happening behind the large world of payments and money. On November 2nd through November 6th,the finance industry’s breadth and width will descend on the Aria resort in Las Vegas for five days of networking, events, and idea sharing. Every year since Money 2020’s inception in 2012, the event has grown by strides.

Each year, more and more high level officers from companies come out to the event. As a matter of fact, each year the number of speakers has risen along with the number of attendees.  Most importantly this year, Money2020 is introducing (Bit)coin World, an entire section of the conference dedicated to cryptocurrencies and digital currency.

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As they always say in this space: “Hindsight is 20/20.”  In the last few years, that phrase has always been uttered tongue-in-cheek by those that have watched innovations and bubbles move through the industry over the last few decades.  This year’s Money 2020 conference will feature an entire track dedicated to Bitcoin: (Bit)coin World.  Arguably, (Bit) is just one of the many prefixes that can be used with (___)coin World:  Distributed payment protocols and Digital Currencies are here to stay even if “Bitcoin” isn’t. Bitcoin 2.0, block chain technology, is quickly being recognized by the mainstream as a plausible alternative to centralized systems. is planning to decentralized Wall Street, he wishes to remove the black box that surrounds many financial functions and introduce the openness of Bitcoin. Transparency is key to avoiding another financial crisis.

Money20/20 will have hundreds of qualified speakers speaking to hundreds of C-level executive officers from around the world. The agenda and more information for Money20/20 can be found here. As Money20/20 is reminding the entire world right now, there is only room for a handful of new registrants: They’re 90% full!

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