Time to sign up for the Money 2020 conference held at the Aria resort in sunny Las Vegas is fast disappearing. As part of their most recent promotion, Money 2020 has released a Youtube video which highlights a new payment method that is currently at the butt end of beta testing: PayByAss. In less than 60 days, the biggest names in payments, finance, and Bitcoin will descend on Las Vegas for four days to swap ideas and aggregate innovation in this annual event. 

Check out Money 2020’s truly innovative PayByAss payment method as described in the Youtube video below. The video highlights just how ridiculous new and innovative payment methods must sound to the layman. What is the next step in biometrics-aided security? Are the worlds asses really all different? These are the questions that some people will instantly ponder while others move onto more mundane tasks.


Sign Up For Money 2020 Using Our Discount Code, Not PayByAss

As a friendly reminder, CCN has a media partnership with Money 2020, and we will be in attendance: Meet us there! All jokes aside, CCN suggests that you pay for your Money 2020 ticket using Bitcoin, which Money 2020 has been accepting for years. As with most popular conferences, the tickets are rising in price  as the date of the event draws near. For comparison, the last “register by this Friday” Money 2020 sale was for $1534 tickets, now they are going for $1998, and only until this Friday! Since earlier this year, Money 2020 has been making a slow and steady push to attract Bitcoin enthusiasts to attend their event. To do this, they have taken the time and effort to secure the most popular and influential speakers in the “Bitcoin World.” The list of speakers includes heavy hitters such as Circle’s Jeremy Allaire, Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, Blockchain.info’s Nic Cary.


About (Bit)coinWorld at Money 2020

las vegasMoney 2020 has become one of the premier fintech conferences in the world over the last several years. With hundreds of high leveled employees from the largest payments companies in the world represented, the conference has a keen eye for the future. The PayByAss Youtube video and the establishment of an entire (Bit)coinWorld at this year’s Money 2020 are both results of working with forward-thinking organizers. Famous Bitcoin investors, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, will be headlining the (Bit)coinWorld track of the conference. Along with dozens and dozens of other highly regarded Bitcoin speakers, the Winklevoss twins will have the opportunity to show the Bitcoin World to many Money 2020 conference attendees whom might not have been previously interested. In their own words, Money 2020 is attempting to connect leaders in the industry, of which Bitcoin is a large part:

(Bit)coinWorld at Money2020 is a platform where leaders in distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies and leaders responsible for driving commerce innovation can interact, learn and forge critical partnerships. To help accomplish this objective, we’re:

1. Creating a dedicated agenda track to include extensive coverage of distributed payment protocols and crypto-currencies, featuring the pioneers and leaders in the industry,

2. Increasing exhibitor and sponsor presence, showcasing the latest organizations and innovations, and

3. Introducing targeted networking events designed to connect critical stakeholders and industry participants.