Mobile Gamers Rejoice! SuperRewards Accepts Bitcoin

Calvin Tran @@clvnthbld
April 1, 2014

Has a distant relative ever made fun of your interest in crypto-currencies while spending their days on Facebook playing Bloons Tower Defense? Well, wish your inter-familial bouts goodbye. Common ground can be found! SuperRewards announced on March 31 that they will begin allowing users to buy in-game virtual currencies using Bitcoin.

Whether or not you have an opinion on Cost-Per-Action companies, this San Francisco based start up is one of the biggest CPA networks in the digital world, prominent on many social media sites like Facebook and Myspace.

SuperRewards is a payment system/processor for many digital and online games. For those who have been going around ‘free bitcoins’ realm, you may recognize them for their presence in AdKnowledge, that allows users to click ads, watch videos and fill surveys and downloads for small payments.

Working with publishers like Ninja Kiwi, A Thinking Ape, and East Side Games, SuperRewards will process Bitcoin transactions through Coinbase and pay the developing publishers in USD, while providing users, in return, in-game perks and virtual currencies.

Virtual-Currencies refers to money that only has in-game value. Most notable is Farmville’s FarmBucks. Interestingly enough, Farmville’s developers – Zynga – are also testing the Bitcoin waters, having opened the acceptance of Bitcoin in January of this year to select games.

Why might these companies accept Bitcoin? Well, they have a number of payment methods already. You may have seen scratchable prepaid cards in the checkout aisles or even heard of paying by fax, so reaching out to Bitcoin is not such a crazy idea.

In a CoinDesk article, SuperRewards co-founder Lyal Avery explained why:

“We feel that it’s a natural fit for someone that wants to buy virtual currency to use a digital currency.”

While one of the biggest reasons for caution in accepting Bitcoin is that there are no recurring payments in the protocol as of yet, there are huge benefits to utilizing it, having the potential to reduce fraud and chargebacks as well as transaction fees that are far lower than PayPal. Avery, who has been keeping an eye on the cryptocurrency for some time now, holds optimism for the cryptocommunity and the future of gaming.

“What I do see as being really interesting is the intersection between the mid-core and hardcore gaming market and how fast they’re adopting bitcoins.”

The rise of businesses opening up to Bitcoin trades is truly a testament to the growing potential of cryptocurrencies. These developments and technologies are here to stay.

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