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The MOAC Blockchain Technology Seminar was held in Shanghai on the 1st of July at the WeWork facility on Weihai Road. After attending this event, people had a clear understanding of the power of decentralization and smart contracts.

With over 150 people in attendance, MOAC Shanghai started off with powerful speeches from the MOAC China Operations Director, Huachen, regarding the impact of MOAC not just in China, but all over the world. It was a great place to network as there were plenty of blockchain experts and firms present. There were key technological terms that were discussed at the Seminar such as deploying smart contracts and installing V-nodes. Surprisingly, MOAC’s CBDO, Ryan Wang, attended the events and had a great communication with the audience.

As speakers said: “MOAC is one of the first blockchain solutions to implement a unique “microchain” per smart contract. A major advantage MOAC has over its other decentralized competitors such as EOS and Ethereum is its blockchain sharding capability. “This allows data to be horizontally partitioned across all chains. This results in a faster transaction processing speed(TPS) which puts MOAC ahead of its fellow competitors.

Beside from MOAC’s technical capabilities, The team’s chairman, Sha Zhou, has been a critical part of transformative economic change in his blockchain books which has changed some people’s thoughts. The seminar was a great way to present this excellent innovation in front of the Shanghai blockchain audience. We really hope this has a deep impact on all blockchain enthusiasts all over China and the world.

Last but not least, we are grateful to all the fans and partners who came to see us at the event. We really enjoyed interacting with our visitors and took away a number of inspirational ideas from enthusiasts which we hope to further develop. MOAC will keep your opinions and passion in mind. Excepting to meet you again.

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