helping a bitcoin minerThis week the mining community responded with a plea for help from a fellow miner. ‘Dr Paul’ as he goes by in the HashTalk forums, has a very serious heart condition and requires an electric golf cart so that he can travel to his doctors and therapy sessions. When he asked for help, the response was wonderful. At first, people simply offered to donate to him, but then a member of Viturrex setup a CryptoCause sale for him with GAWMiners giving special prices on their miners so they could raise money for Dr Paul.

Fundraising is something that, as humans, we should do for each other. People asking for help like this, do not often go unheard in the Bitcoin community as they do in the “real” world. Dr Paul’s fellow miners have stepped up as well as a major vendor like GAWMiners. More vendors and manufacturers are welcomed as well. Dr Paul and other miners have committed to setup more fundraisers to help those in need once this project is over. What is being done here is literally a lifeline for Dr Paul.


Statement from Dr Paul:

Mining Community And GAWMiners Comes Together To Help A Fellow Miner
Mining Community And GAWMiners Comes Together To Help A Fellow Miner

OK. It’s down to the wire here for me, and I should have done something like this long ago.

I am disabled. Multiple heart attacks, Triple Bypass, Pacemaker Defibrillator, and at least one major stroke in the past 3 years left me with very poor health which I have been trying to correct, and loss of fine motor control, sensation in the lower portion of my body. I can not walk well without a cane or other assistance, nor for long durations. A 300 yard walk at a slow pace, is about all I can do on a regular day. Occasionally I can do more, but those days are getting fewer and farther apart.

I am also a Veteran of the US Armed services with Honorable service. My disabilities are not service related. I mention it only in regards to full disclosure.

For the last 18 months, I have been getting care at a local clinic that accepts my disability insurance coverage. the clinic is only 2 miles from my home and up until today, offered free transportation to and from the clinic for regularly scheduled appointments. For me, that is 2 to 4 times a week between physical therapy and other treatments and tests.

I do not own a vehicle, and because of that, when my driver’s license expired while I was in the hospital, I never took the opportunity (or spent the funds) to renew it. I go grocery shopping once a month, and the taxi ride generally costs $10 each way. Because I live in a small town, I have to call a cab from several towns away, just to take me the 1 mile to the grocer.

I have researched the Florida laws and found an interesting caveat in the use of bicycles and other recreational vehicles. While there are two major roads in my town with speed limits over 40 MPH, the rest of the town is crisscrossed with small residential streets with speed limits generally under 35 MPH. Recreational vehicles, such as electrically powered Golf Carts do not require licensure and can drive with traffic on these residential streets, provided they have proper placards, lighting, mirrors and turn signals.

Golf Carts are quite common in neighboring towns due to the large number of retirees in Florida, but the vehicles can cost from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. The average used GolfCart price is $4,500. A basic used cart, without light package, generally starts at $2,000.

I’m looking for help in raising funds to purchase an acceptable, street legal, electric cart that I can use on a daily basis to travel to medical appointments and basic travels around town. I have tried selling T-Shirts, Electronics, Repairing computers, auctions, etc., and I just barely seem to be able to break even on anything I’ve tried. If anything, I’ve lost money in the effort.

IF, you know someone who has an old golf cart who would be willing to donate it, sell it at a reasonable price or even if you have an idea on how I can make some decent money in a reasonable amount of time (I can only go so long without medical care), have a job I can do for you from my home, or think you can organize some form of fundraiser, please, message me here.

I’m seriously desperate, as this situation will soon affect my health and my life.

Many thanks in advance.


Crypto Cause
Crypto Cause


I believe a lot of people WANT to contribute to great causes, but they don’t always know how to do so, or they struggle to decide between buying something they want/need and contributing to a cause – merely provides them with an opportunity unique to miners, where they get to contribute, while still expanding their mining footprint by acquiring mining gear at the best possible current prices, all in a manner uniquely convenient to miners, and getting rewarded for it.
The goal of the project will be to identify “Causes” on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, where we will launch a large drive to raise funds for the charity or cause supported. This is done mostly by incentifiying the purchase procedure – offering great prices, reward tiers (sort of like crowd funding – if the total support reaches Tier 1 a certain reward is unlocked, which one of the buyers has a chance of winning, Tier 2 is another new reward plus the one from tier one, and so on).
Currently, all funding comes from us (CryptoCause) ourselves – we purchase the asics with the money collected, then purchase the rewards, and the remainder of the money goes to the cause being campaigned for.

In between major “Cause” drives, the website will have daily deals on single products – still offering great value for money, where a % or specific dollar amount will be donated to the charity/cause of the week for each ASIC purchased.

We are open to any companies that want to contribute funding, host banners, etc. to help us fund this project for future similar events.
What’s in it for the miners?

You get to give to a worthwhile cause while still getting your ASIC hardware at a very special price, and you stand a chance of winning a guaranteed prize!
We have set up 3 (or is it 4?) tiers of rewards
Once 25 miners have been sold, the first reward gets unlocked, 50 miners the second tier, 100 the third, and dare we say it – 150 the fourth.
For each tier, there is a reward for the guys and gals that are supporting this cause, as well as a direct contribution to the Cause we are supporting (the higher the tier, the bigger the reward for our cause)

Tier 1
One random supporter will receive a free “The Bee” miner with one month of free hosting on Zencloud, or an additional two months of free hosting on the miner they bought – their choice!

Tier 2
Tier 1 reward AND one random supporter will receive a free “The Jumper” miner with one month of free hosting on Zencloud, or an additional two months free hosting on the miner they bought – their choice!

Tier 3

Tier 1 reward AND tier 2 reward AND one random supporter will receive a free “The Ratchet” miner, or a free “Antminer S3” with one month of free hosting on Zencloud, or an additional three months of free hosting on the miner they bought – their choice!

*Please note the Antminer S3 is subject to availability, with hosting to start on 8/8/2014

Tier 4
Bonus tier if we reach 150 asics sold. Tier 1, 2 & 3 reward AND a mystery prize (it’s a BIG one).
There are also miners hidden on certain purchase slots – the so called “free-BEE’s.”

– For all purchases made between 25-50, a customer stands the chance to collect a free miner associated with that slot – let’s say slot 27 might have a free Fury hidden behind it, and slot 58 might have a free “Boulder” behind it. This is given totally from our pockets, independent of money raised, as a way to incentify miners from buying.


Interview with Dr Paul

I had a chance to ask Dr Paul a few questions about it all.

When you asked for help getting the golf cart did you think that this kind of response could happen?

I honestly didn’t know what would happen. I think I believed that Best Case was that someone had a cart sitting in a garage someplace they would sell to me on the cheap for BTC. I knew I had a couple Miners and my coin collection that I could sell and jobs I could do from home to get this going; I just needed a break on the multi-thousand dollar price of a used cart. I’ve been working on finding a publisher for a paper on crypto technology that I’m still in the process of writing, to try and raise funds.

GAWMiners and Viturrex stepped up in setting and getting miners for the sale. It is another show of the community coming together for one of its own. Could you give me your feelings on this?

When I left the Military, I had been trained in speaking over 14 languages, so this answer is as much of a surprise to me, as I’m sure it is to you, but; “No. I can not give you my feelings on this. The words do not exist for the amount of joy and gratitude I feel.”

Here are the donation addresses he has setup.


GolfCart Fund 10mBTCDonate QR
GolfCart Fund 10mBTCDonate QR link:

How did you get involved in cryptocurrencies?

Just a little over a year ago, I stumbled into a chat room, online, discussing BitCoin and began asking questions. I studied the technology and read the papers. It was the math itself that interested me most. I met many new friends there in that chat over the following weeks including @BitJane and others whom, even though the chat room closed, I still keep in touch with and help out with their BitCoin related businesses and projects.

Could you tell me how the fundraiser and community support has affected you?

Two words:


I was also able to get a statement from Viturrex on setting up this fundraiser. Very humbled by what he said as he wanted to make sure this is for Dr Paul, not his company.

I’d like to not draw much attention to ourselves (Viturrex) as a company – this is an initiative specifically designed to help promote kindness amongst miners, not something done for massive PR for our company or to make money off of causes. As such, we have put up some limited information regarding our company on the site, but in general we like to keep a low profile, and try to get miners to help each other out.

One thing that we haven’t done yet is attracted any sort of sponsorship for the drives, which we might have to consider in the future if the turnout is poor for the causes.

Also, we currently ONLY accept BTC, due to the thin margins on miners. Miners in general want the best bang for their buck so to say, and adding 5% of CC fees onto it, makes the model hard to work, or impossible on the smaller ASICS. So we are losing a lot of potential customers by being BTC only, but until we can find a fair workaround, it is unfortunate but the facts we have to work with.

Lastly, we will be extending the drive with an additional 72h – that should give people enough time to get some BTC and order some units!


I wanted show that we as humans care for each other and more causes and help should be given to those in need. The Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency community has stepped up in a big way. I will follow up with the results and more info from those involved in a few days.

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