Mining ASICs Technologies B.V. Reveals Bitcoin Mining ASIC Prototype Video And Scrypt ASIC Tapeout

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June 3, 2014 9:00 PM UTC

Mining ASICs Technologies at the CEBE 2014 in Vienna, Austria

Mining ASICs Technologies B.V. (MAT) has come a long way since their first announcement and reveal to the Cryptocommunity. They have weathered the wave of scam accusations from both customers and competitors and are now closer to shipping their first products. MAT recently attended the Central European Bitcoin Expo (CEBE) 2014 in Vienna, the heart of Austria. At the Expo, MAT exhibited their wares proudly and received orders from many of the Expo’s international attendees. Check out the video of their Bitcoin mining ASIC below!

More pictures are available here.

MAT’s Excalibur Update

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]lso coming out today is a press release regarding MAT’s Excalibur 4 and Excalibur 5 Scrypt ASICs. In an effort to remain competitive with other competitors that are also in various stages of development, MAT offers buy 1 get 2 deals on their items to compete on the all-important metric of hash/$. The other metric that determines a customer’s ROI is the actual date of delivery. MAT had initially announced that Scrypt ASICs would be released sometime in Q2 or Q3 of 2014; today, they have revealed a commitment to shipping in July 2014, a few months before the end of their previous deadline.
MAT’s 6/2/14 press release:

Maastricht, The Netherlands, June 2, 2014 – MAT is announcing today that they have completed TAPE OUT of their Scrypt Asics last week. We are working very hard to ship our Excalibur Scrypt Asic miners to all of our customers in time.

The Excalibur 4 Scrypt Asic Miner will operate below 500 Watts and with a hashing power of at least 125 MH/s.
The Excalibur 5 Scrypt Asic Miner will operate below 1000 Watts and with a hashing power of at least 250 MH/s.

We still offer our SPECIAL SALE for our Excalibur Scrypt Asic miners buy 1 miner – get 2 miners.

2 x Excalibur 4 each 125 MH/s = 250 MH/s for only US $ 7.499,00
2 x Excalibur 5 each 250 MH/s = 500 MH/s for only US $ 13.698,00

For more information please visit our website: 

Scrypt ASIC Race Update

As the Scrypt ASIC race heats up, Innosilicon and Zeusminer are already shipping. KnCMiner has promised to deliver their Scrypt ASICs by the end of 2014 and has also announced tapeout for 2 batches of KnCMiner Titan chips. Fibonacci has promised repeatedly to begin deployment of their Scrypt ASICs sometime in July or August. Despite having promised to ship earlier than all competitors, Alpha Technology is still awaiting the successful delivery of their Scrypt ASIC chips, which have already been taped out to the foundry, a step that MAT has now also completed. Alternatively, Gridseed Scrypt ASICs like the dualminer USB, and more recently the Gridseed Blade, are also available for purchase right now from Chinese manufacturers and also American re-distributors. Other Scrypt ASIC companies include sfminer, Bliss, Flowertech, Alcheminer, and SiliconArt. The Scrypt ASIC race is heading into its final lap as “vaporware” becomes hardware running software and backed by firmware. It is refreshing to see completely new companies arise from the dust and successfully raise funds in a pre-order fashion and keep the promises made to customers. On the other end of the spectrum are scams such as LSM Labs, which had the great pleasure of exposing, just a few weeks ago. The entire Digital Currency community is eager to see the effects of Scrypt ASIC dissemination on the overall health of the altcoin community, particularly the Litecoin and Dogecoin communities. Recently, Coinotron reached 51% of the Litecoin network hashrate, in large part due to Scrypt ASICs.  The threat has since passed, and everyone hopes that the Litecoin community has learned their lesson. As Zeusminer’s and most Scrypt ASIC company’s websites show, Scrypt ASICs can be used for more than just Litecoin and Dogecoin mining: The other coins on the horizon include Auroracoin, Worldcoin, and hundreds of other alternatives.

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