March 24, 2014 4:04 PM

Mining ASICs Technologies B.V. (MAT) Joins Scrypt ASIC Race Towards The Bottom

Update on Scrypt ASIC Race Towards The Bottom.  KnCMiner has promised 250 MH/s for 1000W.
This morning, Mining ASICs Technologies (MAT) posted a press release to their website.  In it, they announced that their Excalibur 1 (100 MH/s) and their Excalibur 2 (200 MH/s) would be upgraded to Excalibur 3 (125 MH/s) and Excalibur 4 (250 MH/s), respectively.  This free upgrade comes on the heels of an eventful week in the competitive world of Scrypt ASIC Mining hardware manufacturing and design.  Originally slated for September release, MAT is now confident that their Scrypt ASICs might even start shipping in Q2 of 2014.

The Excalibur 5, at 250 MH/s will be the fastest Scrypt ASIC within one case.

I first broke the news of MAT’s Bitcoin and Scrypt ASICs a month ago; however, it wasn’t until last week that MAT’s legitimizing partner finally came forward to corroborate MAT’s story.  Germany’s Dream Chip Technology (DCT) recently confirmed their partnership with MAT, laying to rest many peoples’ fears that MAT is a scam.  For those that are interested, MAT is already taking pre-orders on their product.
The full text of the MAT announcement (they don’t waste time getting to the point):

Due to hard work of the great engineers we have, we achieved major progress in the development and production of our Excalibur Asic Scrypt miners.
We are happy to announce, that we were able to increase the hashrate of our Asic Scrypt miners over 25%.
Our production teams are also able to deliver earlier, so shipments will start in Q2/Q3 2014!
We have decided to update all our Asic Scrypt Miners with the new performances for the same price!

  • Excalibur 4 ASIC SCRYPT miner with a minimum of 125 MH/s (replacing the 100 MH)
  • Excalibur 5 ASIC SCRYPT miner with a minimum of 250 MH/s (replacing the 200 MH)

All customers, which bought the Excalibur 2 (100 MH), will get an upgrade to Excalibur 4 (125 MH) at no additional costs.
All customers, which bought the Excalibur 3 (200 MH), will get an upgrade to Excalibur 5 (250 MH) at no additional costs.
For all existing customers, orders will be shipped earlier as expected and are planned for Q2/Q3 2014!

The Race Towards The Bottom
The theoretical bottom that I am referring to in this Scrypt ASIC race is the lower bound for $/KH/s and also KH/s/W.  KnCMiner started off last week with a big bang when they unveiled their Scrypt ASIC for preorder: The KnCMiner Titan.  The Titan costs users around $0.10/KH/s and KnCMiner has not yet revealed their power consumption figures.
In comparison with KnCMiner, MAT now offers 250 MH/s for ~$20,662: $0.0826/KH/s.  Also in comparison with KnCMiner, MAT has always posted their power consumption numbers, as well as their intention to use 28nm chips.  250 MH/s by MAT will require 3600W: 69.44KH/s/W.
Alpha Technology has also made a similar announcement in the light of KnCMiner’s Titan reveal.
Stay tuned to CCN for all the latest news regarding Scrypt ASICs and mining in general.

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