MinexSystems Launches MinexPay Crypto Debit Card for Everyday Shopping

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Cryptocurrencies are taking over the world but when it comes to shopping and retail purchases, there is still a lot of ground to cover. Even in Europe, which is one of the most progressive areas in the world in adopting cryptocurrencies, only 10-15% of the retailer’s cryptocurrencies right now. While there is an increasing number of crypto debit cards available in the market, none of them provide a robust solution right now.

MinexSystems have launched their first Crypto Debit card called MinexPay debit card and it is now available for pre-orders. The universally accepted card can be used for every-day purchasing according to MinexSystems and has the ability to bring cryptocurrencies back into the mainstream.

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MinexPay Debit Card Features

The MinexPay debit card is touted as an extremely useful crypto debit card whose main application will be in e-commerce. More than a third of all online payments involve payment cards and that number is growing due to ease of use.

Using MinexPay card, a new level of freedom can be exercised by the crypto community and make purchases worldwide with low fees. The main plus points of the new card include:

  • Borderless: The MinexPay Debit card payment is borderless and thus applicable worldwide. The VISA payment gateway is used which is accepted in over 200 countries, 40 million retailers and 2.5 million fiat ATMs.
  • Ease of use: The ease of use is such that no manual exchange between fiat and cryptocurrencies is needed.
  • No disruption of service: Funds are available through a mobile application and online.
  • Real-time governance: Latest balance is constantly updated within the servers and displayed in the local currency with which the card has been issued. It allows the users to spend in the native currency.
  • Low service fees: Compared to other cryptocurrency debit cards, MinexPay has lower service fees and even offers up to 1% cashback for using the card.

There are two categories for the debit cards:


Price: 2 MNX, no required balance

  • 2% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 4% for other cryptos
  • 1% Point of sale terminal fees for MNX, 2% for other cryptos
  • 200 daily withdrawal limit, 2000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
  • 80% overdraft limit
  • 0% replenishment fees for MNX


Price: 5 MNX, required balance: 50 MNX

  • 1% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX,  2% for other cryptos
  • 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 1% for other cryptos
  • 1000 daily withdrawal limit, 5000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
  • 90% overdraft limit
  • 0% replenishment fees for MNX


Price: 10 MNX, required balance: 200 MNX

  • 0.5% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 2% for other cryptos
  • 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 1% for other cryptos
  • 5000 daily withdrawal limit, 100000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
  • 95% overdraft limit
  • 0% replenishment fees for MNX

The Platinum card has 0.5% cashback.


Price: 100 MNX, required balance: 1000 MNX

  • 0% ATM withdrawal fee for MNX, 1% for other cryptos
  • 0% Point of sale terminals for MNX, 0% for other cryptos
  • 20000 daily withdrawal limit, 600000 monthly (equivalent in USD)
  • 98% overdraft limit
  • 0% replenishment fees for MNX

Infinite cards have 1% cashback.

To order your card or for more information, visit the Minexcoin website at –  www.minexcoin.com