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Miner Edge: The Biggest Mining Operation Announces Token Private Sale from 1st June Onwards

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Miner Edge has announced their much awaited private sale from 1st June 2018 with coveted benefits. For this inaugural event, Miner Edge is giving out 20% bonus to the investors throughout the period of private sale.

Miner Edge is going to take the cryptocurrency at a whole new level with the biggest infrastructure and team. Miner Edge has chosen Manitoba Canada as its base for mining operations and it is registered in Belarus which has legalized cryptocurrency. This indeed gives credibility to the this enterprises' name, giving an edge to it operations with favorable conditions and legal support.

Canada has an abundant supply of green electricity with an average supply at 5 cents per KW/h. In addition to that, cold climate of this region ensures that the equipments need less cooling consuming less energy which consequently is eco-friendly. With these big advantages, Miner Edge has made sure that it benefits the investors in a long run. Miner Edge will be providing 109% return of investment in long term and 9% monthly returns to its investors.

Miner Edge's team consists of skilled and experienced professionals in every section of their operations from mining to marketing. The team has laid down a strategy which is thoroughly explained in their whitepaper. Apart from the places of foundation, which are highly favoring the project, the diverse portfolio of Miner Edge also makes the project very likely to flourish.

Miner Edge will be mining five major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple and Monero. This secures the investors from a sudden downfall in any particular coin. It also increases the margin of profits as the value of all these cryptos differ from each other.

Miner Edge Agenda

Miner Edge's motto is to become an epitome in crypto mining using the best resources possible. Green electricity combined with the climatic boon of Canada strengthen the vision of Miner Edge and materialize the fact of being the biggest crypto mining facility. Miner Edge team is very confident that they will be able to distribute the biggest margin of returns in its very first payout.

Miner Edge has further expansion plans as soon as they set foot with the current facilities. Many other cities in Canada which offer the same benefits have been considered for future expansion. The team has already the analysis of the recent years' trade with respect to cryptocurrencies and their merits.

This analysis emboldened the team to take further steps towards an advanced and grand scale of crypto mining. And to make this happen, Miner Edge is all set to procure cutting edge hardware to setup mining rigs which could multiply the production of coins. The procurement of machines will take place as soon as the private sale is over.

MET Holders' Benefits

Miner Edge Token (MET) holders will have the benefits of 109% return of investments and 9% monthly returns. This margin of return has never been introduced before by anyone. This manifests Miner Edge's commitment to its investors and its conviction towards its operations. Apart from this, participants of private sale will get 20% of bonus tokens.

The benefits don't end here, Miner Edge team is working on effective plan which would most likely double the production, which would eventually rise the amount of returns. Miner Edge has put its community members at the top priority and it believes in a growth which engulfs everything.

Once the crowd sale is finished and production begins miner edge will start sending biweeklies to all the community members apprising them about the precise status of the operations. It would include the production of different coins along with their value and estimated production for the next fortnight.

Miner Edge Token Event

The Miner Edge Tokens will be released in the private sale which is scheduled to happen on 1st June 2018. All the participants will be given 20% bonus tokens during this event and the tokens will be equivalent to 0.6 USD. You can as many tokens you want with the benefit of 20% bonus. Since the benefit of participating in private sale biggest of all, Miner Edge is encouraging more & more people to take part in this event.

Miner Edge Team

The Miner Edge team comprises of topnotch professionals in their domains. Miner Edge team will be led by the visionary Mr. Rakesh Handa who is the CEO of the company. He will be supported by Mr. Philip Ikechi Ejiofor (Co-Founder), Mr. Sandip Rathod (Head - Sales), Mr. Anukush Sharma (BFSI), Mr. Emmanuel (Financial Advisor)  and many other advisors and experts who will be an integral part of this journey.

About Miner Edge

Miner Edge believes in overall growth of community and puts them on top of the priority list. Miner Edge's aim is to strengthen the blockchain technology so it reaches each and every smartphone in the world. And it is not possible to achieve this feat with a handful of people, therefore we recognize of community and will work tooth and nail to preserve its interests.

A Word From CEO

As a CEO I am very excited and passionate to introduce you to Miner Edge, which is not a pool, not a cloud, not a Home. Miner Edge is the cutting-edge mining equipment and ultra-low-cost electricity mining operations in the world. So everyone profits. Please see details on Miner Edge website: At present, I seek leads to potential investors, active in the crypto-coin-token investment arena, and others who have an open approach to this type of investment. At this Private-ICO stage investment above 25k, USD will be accepted, with the need to register (KYC, AML). During the Private-ICO phase there will be investment bonuses for the participants as per details on website. I thank you for your attention and time, Whoever wishes for more details is welcome to contact me at:

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