A new Minecraft lets you ride bees. | Source: Shutterstock

By CCN Markets: Modders hold nothing sacred. Just days after Minecraft bees released, they are already rideable. SethBling, a well-known YouTuber and modder has developed a datapack for the 1.16 update which allows users to craft saddles for their bees. Players can also access a reskinned poppy, which the bees are programmed to follow in vanilla 1.16.

Minecraft Modding

Since its inception, Minecraft has depended on players to help develop content for the game. Often, players develop unique skins and worlds for others to utilize in their experience. As a partially open-source game, Mojang allows players to utilize several self-contained libraries in their own games.

As new updates are released, players can readily combine new and old assets to create interesting experiences. The mountable bees in question appear to be flying bee-pig hybrids. SethBling has a long and interesting history creating and publishing mods, such as the Minecraft in a Minecraft chest mod.

Common Turnaround Time For Mod listing On CurseForge

Modders normally post their content to a centralized marketplace like CurseForge or the Steam Store. Amateur developers may wonder how long it would take for their content to be approved. If modders develop with whitelisted assets, their mods can be tested and posted within about a day. If modders have created datapacks with non-whitelisted assets, approval can take much longer.

Mods need updates each time the game receives a core update, in order to ensure all assets are in alignment. If you get a new version of the game and the mountable bees pack, for example, has not been updated, it is at risk of breaking.

SethBling and the other modders, though they let nothing remain sacred after release, keep the Minecraft community bustling with new content for players to explore and enjoy. SethBling even included the Bee Gun in his datapack.

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