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Minecraft is Tricking Your Kids Into Learning For Free This Pandemic

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
William Worrall
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:46 PM
  • COVID-19 is making educating children very difficult as schools shut down.
  • Microsoft has added a lot of educational content to the game for free.
  • This is such a great idea that other games should start doing it as well to help out parents.

COVID-19 is shutting down schools worldwide. Not only does this mean kids are stuck home all day, but they’re also not really learning anything. Luckily, Minecraft has stepped in to fill the void in one of the best ways possible.

Microsoft has made a bunch of content from Minecraft: Educational Edition free for all users. Now, during the Coronavirus Pandemic, kids will be able to educate themselves. All within a game which most kids already play and enjoy.

Minecraft - ISS Screenshots Educational Module
One of the most interesting scientific-educational modules is the exploration of the International Space Station. | Source: W.S.Worrall/CCN

Minecraft Can Engage Kids, Making it Easier to Learn

Kids learn the most when they’re actively engaged with a subject . In schools that can be quite difficult because not every child finds every subject interesting. Not only does Minecraft have more of a chance of engaging children, but it will allow kids to look at subjects they’re actually interested in.

There is a surprising variety of educational modules available. From scientific education, such as exploring the international space station, to historic modules like ancient Greece. In general, a child could learn a lot from this content.

More measures like this are a great plan. While kids are all trapped at home, maybe we can get a boom in educational software that is actually interesting? Who knows, historical Fortnite could be coming soon?

We Should Keep This Educational Trend Going

It doesn’t need to be only Minecraft that gets these sorts of educational updates. It might take work, but imagine what could be done by adding educational content games kids are already playing. I joked earlier about historical Fortnite, but it wouldn’t be difficult to add some learning opportunities to the game.

Aside from Minecraft and Fortnite, LEGO games are also immensely popular with children. Considering the huge variety of different activities across the LEGO series, there are hundreds of opportunities in each game to impart knowledge. All without boring the pants off of your quarantine kids.

Video games really do have the power to do good things. Educating your kids while keeping them distracted is just one of them. In a time when parents likely need as much help as they can get, who’d have thought it would come from Minecraft.