MinCoin trading volume increased by 550%

MinCoin, which is our sponsored cryptocurrency for the next months, have increased its trading volume by 550% in the last couple of days. We have written about features that the MinCoin team recently have created, which might have given the crypto commodity gained trust.

You can view the live trades on mcxNOW.

MinCoin Trading Volume Increased by 550%
MinCoin Trading Volume Increased by 550%

New MinCoin wallet

Yesterday the MinCoin team launched a new MinCoin wallet with upgraded interface. They write:

We are very proud to present the latest, freshest, and sexiest MinCoin wallet to date. We’ve spent countless hours of dedicated work, in order to deliver to you the best wallet experience yet, based on the most secure source code available. If you haven’t yet downloaded the MinCoin Wallet, then we highly suggest you check it out – you will be amazed at how simplified and straight forward we’ve made it.


Check out the new MinCoin wallet here.

Marketing Campaign

Including pushing new MinCoin features, the MinCoin team have started a marketing campaign of the altcoin which also includes being sponsored on CryptoCoinsNews.com.

What do you think of MinCoin? Does it have any future? Write your comments below.

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