MicroSoul the Physical Bitcoin for Everyone.
MicroSoul a new physical bitcoin anyone can afford.

MicroSoul physical Bitcoins are a new low cost, high quality coin opening up the market to those with less money to spend enabling everyone to own physical Bitcoins.

MicroSoul Coin
MicroSoul Coin

The catalyst that got me into Bitcoin and the crypto-coin movement was a simple physical 1oz copper Bitcoin. I had played with Bitcoins a bit in 2010 but never had taken it seriously and lost interest quickly.

That all changed last summer when I entered an online drawing for a new laptop. I did not win the laptop, but I did get a 1oz copper Bitcoin as a consolation prize. From there I was hooked into Bitcoin and got my first 333mhz USB miner. It’s interesting how something tangible in your hand can motivate you to greater things, even those things that are meant to be intangible as Bitcoins. That physical representation of a Bitcoin sparked the connection in me that made me want to be part of it.

I like the physical coins but other than that copper Bitcoin I did not have any that had any quantity of Bitcoin connected to them until now. The reason was simple. By the time, I had gotten involved in Bitcoin the physicals were priced well out of my reach.

This is where recently Matthew Rodbourne and MicroSoul Bitcoins come into the picture.

Sensing a need in the market for a lower denominated physical Bitcoin that would allow people to buy-in to Bitcoin without having to spend large amounts of money he created the .01 BTC MicroSoul coin.

On BitcoinTalk, he debuted the coin in this thread where you can ask questions and order.

There is where I first saw it, and it captured my attention. It had a similar design to the well  known Casascius coins yet with some interesting features all it’s own.

One of the top two is the brilliant holographic design covering the private key. The detail is excellent with the signature devil head in the holograph with an iridescent Bitcoin B in the center.  There is a small error in this first series of them where the MicroSoul has been misspelled as MicroSoul. It can only be seen with a magnifying glass.

The 2nd interesting feature is the cartoon like devil’s head itself. It adds some character and personality to the coin.  The coin has a bright gold mirror finish with crisp lettering and the 0.01 Bitcoin stamped on the front.

MicroSoul Coins
Front and Back Coin Faces

It is a very sharp looking coin.

The coin also uses a 8 digit public key stamped on the hologram so you can easily check the balance on your coin using Bitcoin BlockExplorer.    https://blockexplorer.com
Shipping was fast from France to the US and arrived securely packaged. Matthew’s customer service is top notch.

I’m looking forward to more designs and coins him.  Adding the 0.01 MicroSoul coin to his current 1 BTC coin was an excellent step towards including everyone in Bitcoin.

The MicroSoul Bitcoin is an excellent coin to get the average person into Bitcoin at a less daunting price. They will be great to give and receive as gifts.  I am really enjoying my coin.