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Mystery Xbox Series X Controller Leaks – And We Have Questions

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:09 PM
  • The white variant of the Xbox Series X controller has appeared online.
  • The image was reportedly snapped at a party hosted by the child of a Microsoft employee.
  • There’s speculation this may be the first look at the controller set to accompany the elusive Xbox Series X.

You’re at a party trying your best to pretend you’re having a good time, and stumble across an Xbox Series X controller. Not just any Series X controller, but a white variant that has seemingly not been seen or heard of by anyone outside of Microsoft. You slyly swipe it away from prying eyes to snap a picture under the concealing shade of a half-empty pizza box.

The party just got a whole lot more interesting. | Source: Twitter 

That’s reportedly precisely what happened to one lucky Redditor. The user claims to have come across the white controller while at a party in Washington State hosted by a Microsoft employee’s kid .

It’s no secret that several Microsoft employees, including Xbox boss Phil Spencer, currently have Xbox Series X’s at home , making the scenario detailed here likely.

The pictured controller looks identical to the black Series X controller Microsoft unveiled back in December 2019 , except for the white shell. There’s little that hints at a doctored image.

Xbox Series S?

While it’s likely we are looking at an unannounced white variant of the controller, there’s speculation this is possibly the first look at the controller for the heavily-rumored, but so far elusive, smaller, budget Xbox Series S. It would make sense for Microsoft to set the two boxes apart with opposing color schemes. Although unconfirmed, the Series S is expected to offer a cheaper point of entry into the next-gen. Circulating rumors point to an August announcement .

According to The Verge, who had a quick chat with the poster before the picture and account were deleted, accompanying the controller was a white, squarish console with a larger Xbox button . The Redditor reportedly managed to sneak in a few games, although they didn’t clarify which ones.

Another theory on Reddit reckons we are eyeing up a limited edition employee-only version of the console , much like the white Xbox One Microsoft dished out to employees involved in bringing the console to life .

As always, approach all this with a salt shaker at the ready.