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Michael Avenatti: WTF Happened to the Democrats’ Anti-Trump Messiah?

Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM
Nick Marinoff
Last Updated March 4, 2021 2:44 PM

By CCN.com: The shocking headlines just keep piling on for disgraced attorney and onetime anti-Trump messiah Michael Avenatti. Following his arrest for allegedly embezzling from Nike, evidence has emerged suggesting Avenatti’s white-collar thievery extends deeper into the sports world.

Now, Avenatti – who toyed with running for president – stands accused of embezzling  $1.5 million from Miami Heat star Hassan Whiteside. In 2017, the veteran center wired approximately $2.75 million in funds to Avenatti, intending for much of the money to be handed to his ex-girlfriend, Alexis Gardner.

Michael Avenatti: A Career in Thievery?

While Avenatti was entitled to roughly $1 million of the sum, prosecutors allege he hid the money and put nearly $2.5 million towards a private jet. He later told Gardner that she would be receiving monthly installments spread out over eight years, though these payments ceased in June 2018.

Whiteside and Gardner expressed their dissatisfaction in a joint statement, claiming:

“We entered into a mutually agreed upon settlement more than two years ago following the end of our relationship. A settlement that reflected Alexis’ investment of time and support over several years as Hassan pursued a career in the NBA. It’s unfortunate that something that was meant to be kept private is now being publicly reported.”

Avenatti denies the allegation, and he claimed that he’s looking forward to all the evidence emerging in the coming weeks. On Twitter, Avenatti hinted at potential wrongdoing on Whiteside’s end, stating that he was looking forward to the “inquiry by the @NBA and its commissioner” regarding “why he paid the money.”

What all this suggests is that Avenatti is incapable of taking responsibility for himself or his actions. In just the last month alone , the lawyer was hit with 36 counts of fraud, including bank fraud in California. He’s also been accused of embezzling nearly $2 million from a separate client’s legal settlement to cover personal expenses for a failing coffee business. If found guilty, he could face more than 350 years in prison.

stormy daniels donald trump michael avenatti
Even alleged Trump mistress Stormy Daniels is laying into Michael Avenatti | Source: Shutterstock

His big claim to fame – former porn actress Stormy Daniels – has also dropped him like  a hot potato, claiming she’s “not shocked” by his recent arrest and his strike at Nike. She hinted that there was “more to come” regarding her former lawyer’s “dishonesty.” Daniels had originally hired Avenatti to represent her in 2018 lawsuit against President Trump.

Despite the ongoing allegations, Avenatti claims that Nike’s efforts to have him arrested are a mere “stunt” to divert attention away  from their own misdeeds. The lawyer claims he has proof that the company coaxed and paid certain high school students – including Zion Williamson – to attend Nike-sponsored colleges.

Avenatti Is the Worst Kind of Criminal – He Works for Democrats

In other words, his job has been to do what every Democrat has openly been doing for the last three years: point the finger at others so the world won’t notice the dastardly deeds they’ve committed.

The real irony here is that Avenatti has a long history of operating within the Democratic Party, having worked on nearly 150 campaigns in over 40 states for figures like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and even the Clintons. His job on each campaign has been to dig up dirt on  his candidates’ opponents.

The same thing occurred with the Mueller report. Designed to strike at Trump, the report has not only declared that no collusion occurred, but that Obama’s administration may have been aware  of Russian interference in the 2016 election and did nothing about it.

In any case, Avenatti is operating in pure Democrat fashion. He’s accusing others of dirty deeds as a way of hiding his own, and like an alarming number of liberals, he’s incapable of taking responsibility for himself.