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Metro Exodus Steam Launch Unaffected by Epic Store Exclusivity Fiasco

Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:35 PM
Thomas Bardwell
Last Updated September 23, 2020 1:35 PM
  • Embracer Group reports that the Metro Exodus Steam launch has been “great.”
  • The first-person shooter was embroiled in a heated controversy due to publisher Deep Silver’s decision to shift to an Epic Store exclusivity deal shortly before release.
  • Steam reviews have spawned an odd Google glitch that highlights ongoing feelings of resentment from portions of the player base.

Metro Exodus’ Steam launch is a success despite the controversy surrounding the game’s one-year Epic Game Store exclusivity deal.

Metro Exodus’ Steam Success

In an earnings presentation held yesterday, Lars Wingefors, CEO of parent company Embracer Group, revealed that Metro Exodus is doing well on Steam . Wingefors explains:

Metro performed well on Epic. I was happy with the performance on the Epic Games Store, but that doesn’t say I’m not happy with the Steam performance either, so it’s been great for the first days.

Metro Exodus Steam Launch Unaffected by Epic Store Exclusivity Fiasco
Metro Exodus is selling well on Steam, even if gamers weren’t happy about the one-year exclusivity deal with Epic Games. | Source: 4A Games/Deep Silver 

Epic Store Exclusivity Backlash

Back in January 2019 and a little over two weeks before Metro Exodus’ release, publisher Deep Silver announced that the game would be available exclusively through the Epic Games Store .

The decision led to a heated backlash, with Valve fanning the flames by calling the eleventh-hour exclusivity deal “unfair” in an official statement on the matter.

Many took this as a call to arms , prompting a wave of abuse directed at Metro Exodus developer 4A Games on social media.

Disgruntled would-be fans of Metro Exodus proceeded to review bomb the listing for Metro 2033 Redux and Metro: Last Light Redux to protest the decision . The author of the books that inspired the Metro series, Dmitry Glukhovsky, was also targeted .

As has become a familiar refrain with Epic exclusivity deals, players called for a boycott. In response, a 4A Games developer took to Russian gaming forum Gameru.net to warn that a boycott may lead to the next Metro entry releasing exclusively for console .

Despite all this, the game’s Feb. 15th Steam arrival has been a success.

Google Steam Listing Glitch

But some players have yet to lay the Epic Store exclusivity controversy to rest, as exemplified by these colorful reviews on the Steam Metro Exodus listing .

Metro Exodus Steam Launch Unaffected by Epic Store Exclusivity Fiasco
Gamers aren’t ready to let bygones be bygones. | Source: Steam 

These reviews also spawned an inadvertent glitch earlier today. When searching for the Steam store on Google, the first result’s description (the official link to Valve’s storefront) read “F**k Epic Games Store.”

google glitch steam
Source: Twitter 

As VG247 explains, Google pulled up the review from the Steam homepage , which features Metro Exodus. Valve has since rectified the problem.