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Meghan Markle Tried to Bait the Royal Family – And Boy, Did Her Scheme Backfire

As Meghan Markle makes it all about her, as usual, the royal family is taking the high ground. It's PR 101 at its finest, while Meghan flounders.

  • The royals have offered a lesson in top-tier PR for all to see as Meghan and Harry Markle stumble from one disaster to another.
  • The response from a palace insider to Meghan’s tell-all book is PR 101.
  • Meghan is no Diana, and Omid Scobie is certainly no Andrew Morton.

The sheer litany of public relations errors that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made since stepping down from their royal duties has been astounding.

Who are these “experts” advising this couple to make this series of bizarre PR moves? Seriously.

If they wanted a masterclass in PR, all they had to do was start taking notes from Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have fundamentally changed the whole perception of the royals in Britain.

The stuffy, old-fashioned way of doing things under the elderly Queen and Prince Charles has been turned upside down by both William and Kate, along with the underappreciated Sophie Wessex.

Not that the Queen and Prince Charles aren’t well-meaning and doing their best, but times change. The royals were in danger of becoming outdated.

Meghan Markle is no Princess Diana

Like most things Meghan Markle does, this attempt to release a tell-all and boost her profile as Diana did is a cheap imitation of the real thing. | Source: AP/Jacqueline Doctor Larma, Evan Agostini/Invision/AP. Image edited by CCN.com

That’s what Meghan Markle was banking on when she decided to launch a tell-all “biography” written by candy floss journalist Omid Scobie.

But she made a serious miscalculation. And boy, does it look like her scheme is going to backfire.

Those of a certain vintage will remember the release of Andrew Morton’s “Diana: Her True Story” back in 1992.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that this is what Meghan Markle believes she is doing. She’s long had a creepy fascination with Prince Harry’s mother.

But like most things Meghan Markle does, this attempt to release a tell-all and boost her profile as Diana did is a cheap imitation of the real thing.

Omid Scobie as Andrew Morton? That’s like trying to pass off a bag from Walmart as a Gucci original.

In one quote, the royals teach Meghan a lesson in PR

Meghan Markle clearly tried to bait the royal family into a trans-Atlantic mud-slinging contest. | Source: John Stillwell/Pool Photo via AP

While Meghan and Harry Markle are desperately trying their best to begin their journey to celebrity stardom, and failing miserably, a “senior royal insider” issued a quote to a British newspaper that single-handedly killed off the momentum of Meghan’s book and the effect she undoubtedly hoped it would have on the royals.

Speaking to The Sunday Times, the senior royal source said:

The rest of the royal family will not be telling their side of the story. They feel that in this new world, people are more interested in seeing the family support frontline workers than reading about their internal politics.

Boom. Just like that, the royals have taken the high road, refusing to engage in the mud-slinging that Meghan Markle must have been hoping for to sell her book. The royals are above all that ghastly behavior.

The royal family won’t play Meghan’s game. | Source: Twitter

It takes two to tango, and Meghan Markle doesn’t have a dance partner

The problem that Meghan, Omid, and anyone else who is working on this “biography” now have is that they’ve lost a lot of momentum.

Much of the selling point of the book would have been the royal reaction. What noises would be coming out of Buckingham Palace to refute Megh… sorry, Omid’s claims?

The royals seem to be taking the position that they’ll view the book, and indeed, Meghan Markle, as the footnote in royal history that she is.

I’d wager that within twelve months of release, this book will be languishing in the bargain bins of charity shops worldwide, much like Meghan Markle’s acting career.

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