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Meghan Markle Slamming ‘Toxic Media’ is Self-Serving Drivel

Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:24 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 23, 2020 2:24 PM
  • Once again, Meghan Markle has spoken out about the media and taken a sideways swipe at the royal family.
  • Sorry, Meghan, you could have spoken out against racism as a royal. The silence said otherwise.
  • The media only seems to be “toxic” when it isn’t working in your favor.

It seems that ant time Meghan Markle can find herself a platform, she’s pushing the same agenda.

The censorship of media. And taking little digs at the royal family.

It’s no secret that both Meghan and her husband, Prince Harry, have an issue with their coverage from the media.

Of course, if the tone of the content is complimentary, then that’s perfectly fine. But criticism is off-limits for the Hollywood Royals.

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Meghan Markle advocating for the truth is laughable

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry claimed via an official spokesperson that they did not contribute  to the Finding Freedom biography written by Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, only for the authors to contradict that claim.

So, you’ll have to forgive me if I take Meghan’s preaching on the subject of truth with a sizeable grain of salt.

The Duchess claims: 

There is so much toxicity out there in what is being referred to as, my husband and I talk about it often, this to the economy for attention. That is what is monetizable right now. So if you’re just trying to grab someone’s attention, you’re going for something salacious versus what is truthful.

Considering the entire premise of the Finding Freedom biography is built around rumors, gossip, and anonymous sources offering salacious little tidbits of hearsay, I find it remarkable that Meghan Markle can make such claims when her close friends are penning books that are designed to settle royal scores in such a manner.

Meghan can cry about the truth, but she’s a hypocrite. | Source: Twitter 

Claims that she couldn’t use her voice as a royal are simply false

Another claim that Meghan made during her interview with 19th News was that she had been somehow unable to “use her voice” during her time as a royal, commenting:

From my standpoint, it’s not new to see this undercurrent of racism and certainly unconscious bias, but I think to see the changes that are being made right now is really — it’s something I look forward to being a part of. And being part of using my voice in a way that I haven’t been able to of late.

I’d ask the question why Meghan Markle hasn’t used her voice of late? Is she insinuating that she would somehow be prohibited from raising issues around race by the royal family?

Those who follow the monarchy will know this to be absolute nonsense. Last year Prince William was very vocal about the subject,  raising the issue of racism suffered by footballers Tammy Abraham and Romelu Lukaku, commenting:

People are now talking a little bit about mental health issues, but I imagine talking about racism is still quite a difficult subject, especially when it’s happening in such a public fashion with Premier League matches or [in the] Champions League. We’ve got to do something about it. I’m fed up with it.

William raised these issues long before it had become fashionable to take the knee before a game, and before corporations and sports organizations hijacked Black Lives Matter as a points-scoring exercise.

It’s perhaps worth noting that neither Meghan Markle nor Prince Harry was quick to add their voices to the issues raised by Prince William at the time.

Meghan’s input and voice would have been most welcomed, I’m sure, yet she offered nothing.

Meghan has always been able to use her voice. She chose not to. | Source: Twitter 

Both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are only out for themselves – as usual

It’s blatantly clear that when it comes to the truth within the media, the only important thing is their truth.

As long as the Hollywood Royals are painted in a positive light, it doesn’t matter what’s true or not. For that reason, any preaching from Meghan Markle will continue to ring hollow among those who know better than to just buy into anything they say.