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Meghan Markle Suffered a Miscarriage – Was the Media To Blame?

Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:00 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated December 3, 2020 8:00 PM
  • Meghan Markle sadly announced that she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year.
  • For many, the media is a convenient scapegoat. But apportioning blame shouldn’t be the priority at the moment.
  • I’d imagine Meghan’s true fans will rally around her rather than use her situation as an excuse to attack the media.

I’m sure that all decent people, be they royal fans or Sussex fans, will offer their heartfelt sympathies to Meghan Markle after news that she suffered a miscarriage. 

Sadly, her situation is all too familiar to many women. It is a harrowing experience indeed.

Of course, offering condolences and support to Meghan isn’t top of the priority list for a fringe group of her “fans.”

Meghan Markle suffered a miscarriage earlier in the year. | Source: Twitter 

Certain Meghan Markle fans are sadly using the situation to spread their hate

I’m sure many of us in the media have received a few choice emails and messages this week.

I know I have.

From expletive-laden, vulgar abuse to outright accusations of blame.

It would seem that the tragedy Meghan Markle has suffered is being used by some people as a tool for bullying and nastiness.

Which is rather unfortunate. Especially considering Meghan’s own words on internet hate and abuse.

Yet, rather than expressing sympathy and solidarity with their favorite, a small but vocal section of Meghan’s fanbase is more concerned with their own agenda of abuse.

Meghan herself has spoken out on internet trolls. | Source: Twitter 

The royal family has approached the situation with the utmost respect

There is no doubt that once Meghan Markle made her announcement, many eyes shifted to the Palace.

What would the royal reaction be? After all, relations haven’t been great.

I fully expected the royals to deal with the situation displaying the class and respect we’ve come to expect from them.

I wasn’t disappointed: 

This is a deeply personal matter which we would not comment on.

Despite there being “understandable sadness” in the royal family following the news from Prince Harry’s wife, the last thing the Palace would want to do is distract from the important issue at hand.

An issue that destroys many women every year all over the world.

It’s worth pointing out that regardless of how anyone feels about Meghan Markle personally, her speaking up on this issue is only a good thing.

We’ve heard comments from women who have been in a similar position, saying that Meghan’s words will help raise awareness, including: 

I think it helps open up the conversation to a broader audience, and it gives people confidence to tell their story. If someone in her position uses their platform to speak openly of such a taboo thing, it gives people permission to do the same within their own circles.

Is the media to blame for Meghan Markle losing her baby?

The short answer to the question above is no, it’s not.

For a start, Meghan Markle has made it clear several times that she doesn’t even read criticism.

She has claimed that she is more concerned with living her best life, which is perfectly understandable.

I sincerely hope that Duchess Kate Middleton employs the same tactics considering the sheer volume of nasty and vile abuse  she gets from many of Meghan’s so-called “fans.”

Of course, it’s important to retain one’s perspective. The reality is that the small band of Sussex trolls aren’t fans of Meghan and Harry at all. Their intention isn’t championing the cause of the Sussexes but instead tearing down Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Loyal fans of Meghan Markle would heed her words on internet kindness. And true fans of Meghan would be spending their time rallying around her rather than looking to apportion blame for what is truly a tragedy.

My thoughts go out to Prince Harry and his wife at this time.

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