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Meghan Markle for President? Is There Anything This Woman Can’t Do?

Last Updated September 24, 2020 4:51 PM
Aubrey Hansen
Last Updated September 24, 2020 4:51 PM
  • We’ve all seen Meghan Markle and Prince Harry interject themselves into the BLM discussion of late.
  • There have been rumors that this is just the beginning of a larger political plan for Meghan.
  • A royal insider has claimed the White House is the Duchess of Difficult’s end game.

Even the most ardent Meghan Markle fan, and Prince Harry himself, if he were honest, would agree that this is a step too far, even for their idol.

Meghan for U.S. President? Really?

I’ve seen whisperings that both she and Prince Harry have embraced the BLM campaign and social justice scene with such enthusiasm because the White House is the end game.

I, along with anyone else possessing a shred of intelligence, assumed such talk was absolute nonsense.

Yet here we are, with a more credible source now making the claim.

Could Meghan Markle be a serious contender for the White House?

In the post-Trump era, we have all manner of individuals believing they could run for president and win.

Kanye West is persevering with his ridiculous campaign,  so why not?

Royal commentator Beverley Turner certainly seems convinced  that Meghan Markle could be serious about making a run:

She will run for President. I have no doubt about it. I have no doubt, I think this is all part of the plan. It may not be very soon, but it will be.

Turner also potentially revealed what Meghan sees as her trump card (pardon the pun) to securing success:

There may be worse Presidents, I would like to see a mixed-race woman in the White House, I would.

meghan markle tweet
It seems this could be a reality, folks. | Source: Twitter 

Is Meghan’s racial make-up enough to take her seriously as a presidential candidate?

As a blonde woman, I’d love nothing better than seeing a blonde female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

That doesn’t mean I’d vote for Katie Hopkins,  though.

Surely the qualities and suitability of the actual candidate matter more than their race, gender, or sexuality? Or have we learned nothing from the current president about what having an entirely unqualified individual sitting in the Oval Office looks like?

No, Meghan Markle is woefully underqualified to be President of the United States. If Trump is the bar by which Americans measure future presidential candidates, then God help them.

It seems Meghan and Harry are both clutching at straws

While I’m sure Beverley Turner means well, and she may even believe what she’s saying, the idea of Meghan Markle becoming president is laughable.

Now, that doesn’t mean she couldn’t run. After all, we’ve got Kanye doing precisely that.

I hope Meghan Markle does run for president. I also would thoroughly encourage her to employ the assistance of Prince Harry and her fantastic L.A.-based PR team to help run her campaign.

Could you imagine, considering the absolute nonsense they’ve made of their post-royal life? Such a project could be the most entertaining thing ever!

A Meghan Markle presidential campaign would be hilarious!

It’s worth remembering that, by the time Meghan Markle gets around to launching her presidential bid, Donald Trump will be long gone from office.

Meghan will most likely be competing against actual seasoned politicians.

Looking at her cringeworthy BLM speech, which was influenced by Grey’s Anatomy, and her rambling, say-nothing diatribe for the Girl Up Summit, I would love to see Meghan debating real political matters live on television against experienced politicians.

meghan markle tweet
Idiocracy 2: Meghan Takes Washington would be a real earner for the Hollywood Royals! | Source: Twitter 

If she and Prince Harry wanted to make some serious money, they’d film the whole process and release it as a movie after the fact.

Idiocracy 2. Meghan takes Washington. I’d buy that for a dollar!

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