Meghan Markle Wins Trial Delay – But I’m Afraid It Could Backfire

  • Meghan Markle received a postponement in her court case with Associated Newspapers.
  • The question now is, what is the future of the court case?
  • One thing is for sure – it doesn’t look good for Meghan!

It appears Meghan Markle has won a request to postpone her High Court legal battle with Associated Newspapers Ltd, which was due to begin in January 2021.

A preliminary hearing was scheduled for 29 October, which was initially to discuss costs and case management. It now appears that Meghan’s legal team forwarded an application to Mr. Justice Warby for the trial to be postponed to a yet unknown date.

Meghan Markle has won a bid to delay her court action. But why did she want to postpone? | Source: Twitter


Why is Meghan Markle asking for a postponement?

This is the key question, and it’s one we don’t have a definitive answer to at present.

Details may become available now that Mr. Justice Warby has granted an extension to Meghan’s legal team, but at the moment, no one is really sure.

As you can imagine, social media is rife with opinions and claims as to why Meghan Markle, after seeming so adamant that she wanted to make an example of Associated Newspapers, is now looking to postpone.

I have a few theories of my own on this development.

Meghan Markle wants to avoid going to trial and taking the stand

I honestly believe that despite her posturing, Meghan Markle is not interested in returning to the UK and taking the stand.

In her various Zoom calls, we’ve already seen that while she may qualify as a passable Z-list actress when she’s required to perform “on the fly,” she isn’t up to par.

There’s also the fact that Meghan taking the stand in a legal trial would be a circus the likes of which we’ve rarely seen.

Her performance and every word would be under scrutiny, and I don’t think she fancies that kind of scenario.

Especially now that the case has taken a somewhat unforeseen twist with the release of a certain book.

Finding Freedom has been a thorn in Meghan’s side. | Source: Twitter

Could Finding Freedom be behind Meghan’s change of heart?

I still believe that when the idea of a “tell-all” book written by a close associate in Omid Scobie was floated, Meghan Markle thought she’d carried out the perfect plan.

It was a way for her to put out a heavily curated version of events during her short-lived failure as a royal without taking the blowback of being the actual author of the book itself.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

A lot, as it turns out.

The book has clearly been written with the involvement of both Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Some of the more intimate details would have been impossible for the writers, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, to find out about without hearing directly from Meghan and Harry.

What happens next?

The million-dollar question!

With Mr. Justice Warby allowing the postponement, this changes much of what we knew of this case. It’s also worth considering that a summary judgment was reportedly asked for initially. This has been mentioned in a few media outlets today.

If Meghan’s legal team asked for a summary judgment, followed by a postponement, it doesn’t bode well for their confidence in the case.

I’d wager that Meghan Markle is not interested in being asked to take the stand and answer questions relating to the Finding Freedom book.

I’ve said previously that the book would cause her issues, and it seems this is coming true in spectacular fashion.

This court action could backfire on Meghan Markle – big time

The best Meghan can hope for now, in my opinion, is an out-of-court settlement for a token fee that Associated Newspapers may see as a worthwhile trade-off against pretty hefty legal fees, not to mention a drain on the time of the people involved.

However, there’s always the scenario where ANL decides to forego the settlement option and go for the kill, pressing ahead with their case and not resting until Meghan is thoroughly defeated.

This would serve as a message to any other celebrities who may be thinking of taking a similar course of action.

Ironically, Meghan Markle could end up being made an example of, instead of the other way around, which is what she most likely believed would be the case.

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41 thoughts on “Meghan Markle Wins Trial Delay – But I’m Afraid It Could Backfire”

  1. Ok here is the deal…Meghan has backed herself into a corner, Harry, the dimwit, has sheepishly followed behind…she if pregnant will use this time to garnish sympathy because who could ever reap criticism against a pregnant woman? She will attempt to silence all critics with this tactical move…she is a real operator…also her so called five friends…all if only really one or two or even just herself have gotten cold feet, don’t want to lie on the stand huh? Been cornered, she has met her match here and is scrambling to buy time to change the course. I am disgusted.

  2. About those shoes, so much on Prince Harry’s mind, that is, Meghan’s shoes, within which she walks, and never puts a foot right, whereas, the Queen has nevah, evah put a foot, within shoe wrong. Try’n to pull the plug on ANL Meghan has stepped firmly in it again.

  3. I don’t believe Meghan ever expected this case to go to trial. She most likely thought that ANL would offer her a big settlement plus an apology. Surprise! ANL fought back, and fought back hard. This has to be nightmare scenario for her: unless her five friends all agree to perjure themselves for her (extremely unlikely) Mehan will find herself exposed as a liar. If it comes out that FF is in reality a ghost-written autobiography and that she lied about that too, that’s another blow to her reputation. If her father testifies about what really happened in the weeks leading up to the wedding, she will be shown to be a cold-hearted ingrate who dumped on her own father, the one person who has always loved and supported her unconditionally. I don’t think ANL will settle at this point (if she loses the lawsuit, she will have to pay their lawyers’ fees as well as her own) and they know they have a strong case. By postponing, she is only delaying the inevitable.

  4. It may be that Meghan is trying to buy time in the hope that things change: a settlement offer; coordinating evidence; deaths of key witnesses. A reason may be to put off calling the five friends: why is she taking so much trouble to protect their identities? If you read the People article, and the quotes from the friends about Meghan, you could be forgiven for thinking that they all have the same name.

    • Her father’s health is apparently not good at all – he’s 76 and suffers from heart and lung problems. Since he’s expected to be a key witness for ANL, could she be hoping he passes away before next fall?

  5. Did she have to prove she’s pregnant for postponement? Because a lot of people believe she was not pregnant with Archie, and that she used a surrogate (and sometimes a Reborn doll until there was a real kid) instead. This would make sense considering her advanced age and vanity.

    • Pregnancy in itself would not be a cause for postponement, especially if she is in her first trimester. She would have to produce a letter from her OB-GYN stating that she has a high risk pregnancy and that traveling to the UK for the trial and then attending to the trial would be dangerous for her and the baby.

      • It wouldn’t be hard to get a letter like that. It’s a “geriatric pregnancy”, that’s what they call it in the US. Anyone pregnant at her age is “high risk”. IMHO her doctor would write a note that says the added stress as well as flying back and forth would be detrimental to their health, hers and the unborn baby’s.

  6. It looks like Meghan is going to pull out of this litigation. She may be keeping it alive to get some sort of settlement. I think there are two reasons, maybe three, she is doing this. 1) Wasn’t there a possibility her father would take the stand? Her own father? Imagine how that would look to the world. 2) She’s gotten such horrific press since she ditched the royal family that she is terrified of setting foot back in the U.K. or 3) She is pregnant? Not so sure of this because of her age. Not that easy to get pregnant when you are forty.

    Meghan knows she is despised. I doubt if she will ever go back to the U.K. ever again. She blew off Balmoral twice, last Christmas and now Christmas this year? She doesn’t want to face the Queen.

  7. Completely agree that she expected a quickie settlement and she’s scrambling to save face. Her case can’t stand a trial and she thinks this massive delay will give her time to negotiate a retreat. Idk if pregnancy would be the reason—if so, wouldn’t it make more sense to continue now, and not start up shortly after she gave birth? Then again, she was very heroic during her maternity leave after Archie, what with her valiant attendance in the balcony at Trooping the Colour and the Royal box at Wimbledon, so maybe she would be up for a court date. Anyway, I hope the news group doesn’t give her anything. Not even an apology like she and Harry got from some some random US person/news outlet for supposedly taking drone photos of Archie. I say “supposedly” because I think it was completely set up. I didn’t see one word about any of their neighbors complaining about the constant drones in their area, either in support of a police investigation, the legal complaint, or even anonymously in general reporting on the incident (or about Harry & Meghan at all).

  8. if she’s pregnant she will use this opportunity (and all the attention it will bring with it) as more ammunition for her court case… she’ll cause all kinds of controversy and then weaponize every single (and well deserved criticism) to strengthen her victim narrative… and it will all be documented, courtesy of netflix… grab the popcorn everyone 🍿🍿🍿

    • That’s the speculation. Courts only grant postponements for serious reasons and the facts that the judge said the reason was “confidential”, that the lawyers for ANL did not oppose it and mostly, the length of time she asked for – 9 months – is fueling the speculation,

  9. does anyone think that maybe the queen has something to do with this? maybe buy some time to see if they can get their s**t together and avoid a mighty circus that would unfortunately affect the other members of the family?

    • I don’t think The Queen is involved. This is all about Markle trying to manage the message to suit what she wants. The Queen gave them twelve months knowing that their true colours and intentions would come out by then – and hasn’t she been proven right. The court case will never have any affect on the royal family rather provide an avenue that will fully expose the D grade actress. I’m really looking forward to the case but sadly she will withdraw before it hits court. She’s just trying to find a reason she can use that will blame everyone else and let her use her victim mentality.

  10. Oh not to worry if she loses, she’ll just start a new lawsuit against the photographer who took their new “official” portrait. He didn’t release the one with her smiling at the cameras and she wasn’t shown as, what is it you said Meghan “a woman color”?

  11. I believe she’s pregnant.
    I hope ANL turns the tables on her.
    Another 10 months of avoiding her dad-that’s also an interesting aspect to this story.

    • My first thought as well for how long the trial is delayed for. I bet she is in the first trimester so doesn’t want to go to court until after the baby is born.

    • Perhaps she is pregnant, but the question is… is pregnancy an acceptable reason for delaying a court case? Delays cost time and money — not just Meghan’s money but taxpayers’ money. And since pregnant women can reasonably go to work and live fully functional lives, why is attending a trial different?

      If other women are not allowed to delay their court cases due to pregnancy, then Meghan better not be using pregnancy as her excuse. Otherwise, that is solid proof of her privilege.

  12. It’s already backfired because she expected an out of court settlement. And why the deferral on a confidential matter? She’s pregnant and doesn’t want the announcement made by a court. She needs a fanfare announcement. And once the baby is born she’ll use it as a reason to withdraw from the case.

    • I tend to agree with you on being pregnant. With her BIG mouth always spouting some kind of nonsense why is she able to all of a sudden keep it confidential. Why? Because it will hurt her! She does not care about her father or anybody else she has proven that time and time again. If she is pregnant she will wait till the queen has a major Event and then her BIG mouth will be opened wide!!!! I hope she finally realizes how bad she screwed up Harry’s life.

      • Agree that she will wait until the Queen has a major event – maybe the Queen’s annual Christmas message? I don’t think she cares at all that she screwed up Harry’s life, but I hope he realizes it.

    • And if she withdrawals I hope she loses millions of Harry’s dollars. Then maybe he will see he’s been used once and for all.

    • Mm isn’t and can’t ever get pregnant !!! archie was born via a surrogate. When she was a hooker she allegedly caught a few std’s and also had a number of abortions, allegedly. Because of them she reportedly has extensive scarring of her womb and cannot conceive. Remember they went to see a number of Fertility Specialists before and after their sham of a wedding. The word is that it could be something to do with Netflix and IMHO , their 12 month review is coming up and she doesn’t want the case to affect anything that they might get as a send off. Also seemingly manboy will beg HM for his military roles back . I think he’s in for a big shock there anyway.

  13. It is obvious that they are back tracking with this court case showing that they are shaking in their boots. Their application for appeal to prevent using ‘Finding Freedom” in court has been denied. If they are confident that they did not cooperate with the authors for the book then I don’t see the reason why they had to appeal for preventing the book to be used as evidence. They now have a breather until Autumn next year to decide if they want to go ahead with the trial. They are going to know if they can go ahead with “a summary judgement” instead of full trial in January. If their bid for a summary judgement is not successful, I think they will seriously consider out of court settlement rather than going ahead with full trial. It is obvious to everyone that they had input in Finding Freedom and it will be total embarrassment for them if that fact is proven in court.

    • It would be a crime against humanity if ANL backs down and pays an out of court settlement. For a start we would miss the sideshow of having the real Markle exposed. Something needs to be done to bring this increasingly foolish and self-centred pair back to ground and the court case is the perfect tool. ( I shouldn’t use the word tool in the same comment as the Markles ).

      • I shouldn’t use the phrase out of court settlement but what I mean to say is out of court negotiation. I agree with you 100%. I am hoping that their bid for a summary of judgment is not successful and that ANL do not back down at all and goes all the way to the trial. There are now reports that they have breached the court order to give up all the emails and texts by 6th November to the ANL’s lawyers and they are asking for extension of this until August next year. Why are they dragging this unless they have something to hide in those correspondences. I think they are putting all their bet on having a successful bit for summary of judgement in January and decide after if they will go all the way to the trial if unsuccessful. Also hoping that Thomas Markle’s health do not deteriorate in the mean time until the court trial. May he live 100 years. Poor guy.

  14. I think shes a coward. Talk the talk cant do the walk. Popular uk opinion we don’t want her back in our country. Shes a weak, independent middle aged woman who reliee totally on men to get anywhere in life. She’s a total fake. Glad people finally seeing her for the nobody she is

    • I pretty much agree but she isn’t independent because she needs the royal connection to give her relevance. Is she weak or just a naive narcissist? We are all getting a lot of laughs from her. And the lecturing from above, the uneducated lecturing, just supports why she never made it in show business. But when it comes to being a sideshow she is truely a queen – so perhaps she has achieved royalty


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